NXP's Smart Governance — Creating Tested, Secure Identification and Authentication Solutions

By Rob GrayAugust 23, 2016

NXP is a renowned name in secure identification and authentication solutions, working with government authorities around the world to support their increasing need for secure identification services like identity cards, health cards, passports, social security cards and drivers licenses.

NXP’s electronic ID solutions, being termed as eID, is one of most successful identification solutions that has been an integral part of smart governance in over 35 countries across the world. Some of NXP’s e-governance features include Electronic Vehicle Licensing, ePassport Services and Smart Governance.

Electronic Vehicle Licensing - Made Easy with NXP

NXP’s e-vehicle licensing serves the dual purpose of a driving eligibility document as well as a security identification proof for government department and authorities. The solution, integrated with fraud counter-measures, supports smart administrative governance through a multi-purpose chip which provides data insights on vehicle registration, licensing, fine collection and traffic violations.

NXP has partnered with countries like Mexico, Ghana, Zambia, India, Russia, and Netherlands for the turnkey delivery of smart governance projects including electronic vehicle licensing. Throughout, NXP products have been trusted as a reliable brand for storing and securing sensitive personal data for identification and authentication.

NXP’s ePassport Services - Transforming Cross-border Travel

NXP’s leadership in ePassport and electronic travel document is unmatched. The company is an associate of ICAO, facilitating advanced security solutions for international travellers. An offshoot of the secure smart card IC product family, NXP’s ePassport solutions are compliant with the ICAO 9303 with benchmark performance standards. The industry-leading ePassport solutions ensure the security of personal data on the chip while providing counter-measure technology against hardware firewalls and malware attacks. Close to 80% of the 120 countries that issue electronic passports trust NXP for their identification and authentication solutions. The company’s SmartMX technology is a symbol of safety and convenience for international travelers throughout the world.

Key Highlights of NXP’s Smart Governance Solutions

NXP plays a vital role in critical e-governance services that require securing of personal data, blocking illegal access and providing convenience to the eligible in-person. The company's electronic ID solutions address a variety of benefits and security issues, which include:

  • High and future-proof security: Latest secure microcontroller technology, coming with CC EAL 6+ certification
  • Complete and 'ready to use’ solutions through partnership and in-house components
  • Understanding of privacy concerns and project complexity and drive for standardization
  • Secure multi-source production facilities fitting high volume deployment
  • Knowledge and experience of successful implementations of identification solutions in projects worldwide
  • Strong trusted partner network
  • Product training and local technical support

Application Areas of NXP’s e-Governance Services

NXP’s eID expertise is trusted globally for its striking smart governance solutions in electronic identification and authentication. This article is part 7 of our 7-part “Get Smart with NXP” series.