NXP's Smart Energy Solutions for Building Greener and More Sustainable Cities

By Rob GrayAugust 19, 2016

NXP’s thriving endeavor for a more sustainable and greener world is powered by cutting-edge innovations that enable end-to-end smart energy solutions. For some time now, the leading technology company has been focusing on key smart energy areas, developing a varied range of innovative applications such as home energy management systems, smart metering reference designs and support for standard communications.

NXP’s smart energy solutions aid connected and secure smart grid with technological support for IoT gateways, metering data concentrator, smart metering, energy-efficient motor control, solar inverters, and smart appliances. In short, these innovations are a step in the right direction towards greener cities. The solutions include resourceful energy management and distribution of energy across the smart grid for a more sustainable, greener world.

NXP Partners with ZigBee PRO for Smart Energy Solution

Smart Energy software solution, the software division of NXP’s Smart Energy technology, provides a complete range of tech-support for ZigBee PRO protocol, SE application profile, ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL), and JenOS (Jennic Operating System). ZigBee Smart Energy (SE), is the world's industry-leading standard for interoperable wireless products that control, monitor and automate the delivery and usage of energy and resources, such as water.

The task is attained by integrating a wireless network at the user’s premises using the ZigBee PRO protocol and NXP Smart Energy application profile. This wireless Home Area Network (HAN), essentially contains allied devices such as In-Premise Display (IPD), Metering Device, and Load Control Device, which are connected to the energy service provider using an Energy Service Interface (ESI) via a backhaul network.

NXP’s Smart Energy Software for the ZigBee PRO

ZigBee PRO, integrated with NXP’s Smart Energy profile, is available for the JN5168 microcontroller. The protocol, profile, and the associated support software are readily accessible in the Software Developer's Kit (SDK). The SDK needs to be installed on top of the JN51xx SDK Toolchain (JN-SW-4041). SDK details and installation guidelines are available in the SDK Installation and User Guide (JN-UG-3064).

NXP’s Smart Energy Solutions are Driven by Technological Innovations

NXP smart energy solutions help address demanding market requirements around infrastructural utilities, transmission, substations, data concentrators, and smart home energy management. The solutions include innovations that transform smart energy into a resourceful asset for building the smart grid.

Key Application Areas

NXP’s huge and diversified market applications for smart energy solutions includes:

NXP is analyzing various macro trends and economic triggers that are driving the smart energy market. Backed by sustainable R&D, NXP is powering innovations in key design requirements that create smart energy solutions for building greener and more sustainable homes and cities.  

This article is part 5 of the 7-part “Get Smart with NXP” series.