NXP FTF Technology Forum

By WPG AmericasMarch 15, 2016

This Year’s NXP FTF Technology Forum is Just Around the Corner!

The NXP FTF Technology Forum—one of the major tech fests—is set to kick off in Austin, TX on May 16-19, 2016.

Expanding the FTF Vision

Last year, FTF celebrated its 10th anniversary with keynote speeches by major tech icons like Steve Wozniak and Kevin Mitnick, but this year, as a result of the NXP Freescale merger, the technology event is about to get bigger and better.

The event, which inspires innovation, offers embedded engineers a podium to introduce their latest innovation to the technology fraternity. Now named as NXP FTF 2016, the forum is determined to hold on to its spirited hallowed tradition, of creating an environment that reaches out to help developers transform into Startup entrepreneurs.

Igniting Innovation

The highlight of NXP FTF 2016 is a diversified array of sessions that include connected & automated vehicles, secure mobile and wearables, smart homes and cities, and technology for connected networking, banking and retail sectors. Keep in mind, attendees are inventors, continuously exploring and hunting for new ideas, and NXP FTF has come up with interactive seminars and cutting-edge training programs, designed to help spark the innovative mind.

Empowering the Intuitive and Innovative Developers

Attendees of the NXP FTF 2016 will be thrust into a world focused on creating a launch pad for developers and will benefit immensely from the press and industry exposure, first-hand experience, expertized assistance and specialized training programs, in the state-of-the-art NXP technology lab.

The blueprint of NXP FTF 2016, designed to help attending developers learn the tricks of the trade, are a set of unique programs like the Hands-On Workshop, Lunch & Learn, Panel Sessions and the NXP Training and Events.

The interactive NXP Training and Events program that makes the attendees aware of the up-to-date market trends and the industry implications of embedded technology, is also aimed to help the developers upgrade their designs and tools.

The Training and Events program is broadly categorized into two segments, the 'NXP Technology Days' and the 'Industry Events Session'. Specifically masterminded according to industrial demands, the goal of the program is to provide customized live training to attending embedded engineers and make them savvy with the upcoming technology news and events. The extended version of the program, includes an 'NXP Certified Workshop', enlightening attendees with in-depth knowledge and practical training on embedded technology.

About the Event

The event is organized by NXP to promote creative ideas and support entrepreneurship potential in talented developers. The underlining passion of FTF is to trigger the innovative mind and broaden the opportunity to market new innovations.

Created to drive technology, innovation and partnerships, the FTF is 'THE' event of the year for budding developers of embedded engineering community. In the high-powered FTF seminars, developers are center-stage, showcase their end products to 2000+ participants, members of the press, and the big names of the technology industry. As a Silver Sponsor, WPG Americas will be attending the NXP FTF Tech Forum 2016. Come and visit us at our booth where we’ll be showcasing some of the latest products released by our leading partners. Our experts will be there to discuss the various possibilities of using these products to boost your project to the next level.