Newhaven Display International, Inc. Unveils Three New 7” BeagleBone Black TFT Capes

By Mike PecoraroApril 4, 2017

Newhaven Display International, a global leader in high-quality OLED, LCD, and VFD Displays, unveiled their new display product line with three 7” BeagleBone Capes, which when paired with a BeagleBone Black board, facilitate streamlined touch development.

The new 7” BeagleBone Cape portfolio, specially designed to work with BeagleBone Black, come mounted on Newhaven Display’s Standard, Premium, or Sunlight-Readable 7-inch Display TFTs. The Capes integrate Capacitive 5-point multi-touch functionalities that enable the usability of inbuilt touch capabilities on operating systems like Android or Linux.

The display company’s collaborative approach with BeagleBone offers users access to open-source BeagleBone community resources along with specifically written Operating System images for use with TFT displays featured in the 7”BeagleBone Capes. BeagleBone’s community resource, especially with these expressly designed Capes, create a realm for limitless opportunities.

Users can easily start touch-interfacing on Newhaven TFT displays in just a few steps utilizing the OS images specifically designed for these 7” BeagleBone Capes. Moreover, the integration of touch technology with BeagleBone Black can help developers leverage the full potential of built-in touch functionalities on operating systems such as Android and Linux.

Newhaven Display’s newly introduced 7” BeagleBone Capes feature a simultaneous 5-point touch input, gestural functionality, and ample space for touch interactivity on a sizable 7” display area. The Capes are seamlessly paired with Newhaven’s 7” TFTs that integrate fully-featured capacitive touch panels, 24-bit true color, and a pixel resolution of 800x480.

The on-board hardware optimizes usability with BeagleBone Black and allows attachment of additional Capes that facilitate expansion and future product development. The Cape’s simplistic architecture provides easy mounting of the display with four 3.5mm mounting holes, compatible with standard M3 screws. Integration of a reset button permits easy accessibility to BeagleBone Black’s reset functionalities that are covered up by the Newhaven Capes.

Additionally, features like PWM backlight control, power LED indicator, write protection pins, and an on-board dip switch for configuring the EEPROM make Newhaven’s 7” Capes and BeagleBone Black an ideal match for developing capacitive touch functionalities.

Key Features of Newhaven Display International’s 7” Beaglebone Capes

Newhaven’s high-quality 7-inch Display TFT coupled with a full-featured BeagleBone Cape offer users a powerful package that can open up endless possibilities by simply plugging the Cape into a BeagleBone Black board. Notable features of the 7” BeagleBone Capes include -

  • Available in varied display options: Standard, Premium, and Sunlight-Readable 7” BeagleBone Black Capes
  • 5-point multi-touch capacitive touch panel
  • Android and Linux operating system support
  • Secondary BeagleBone Cape slot
  • Access to open-source hardware, software, and resources on BeagleBone community
  • Four 3.5mm mounting holes for easy mounting of the TFT display
  • 24-bit true color, 800x480 pixel resolution and featuring PWM backlight control

Newhaven Display International is reputed for its development assistance and high-grade customer support. The company’s entire display product line is RoHS-compliant and conforms to all international safety guidelines.

For more information on Newhaven Display’s new 7” BeagleBone Capes, please contact a WPGA Embedded Specialist.