Newhaven Display International Inc. Unveils Color OLED Arduino Shields

By Mike PecoraroMay 11, 2016

Earlier this year, Newhaven Display International, a leading provider of cost effective, high quality display devices ranging from OLED and LCD displays to VFD displays, announced new Color OLED Arduino Shields in three sizes.

Designed to reduce Color OLED development time, Newhaven’s new Color OLED Arduino Shields are compatible with of some of Arduino’s most commonly used development boards. In addition to these Color OLED Shields, standard off-the-rack color OLED modules are also available, making it simpler to develop varying sizes. Because Newhaven’s Color OLED Arduino Shields are designed keeping in mind all levels of engineers, it can help them upgrade their current project with a more advanced and power efficient display technology.

Every Color OLED Arduino shield has the outstanding display features of Newhaven Display’s existing Full Color OLEDs. The Arduino shield, comes with a serial interface color OLED display module that has a single row pin-out, designed for easy breadboarding. Engineered in Elgin, IL, the Color OLED Arduino Shields are offered in three sizes: 1.27”, 1.5” and 1.69” diagonal. Individual serial interface Color OLEDs modules are marketed separately along with these three Color OLED Shields, making it ready to be used for immediate product development. These standard Color OLED modules can also be customized for various project necessities.

In order to support engineers with a speedy development platform, Newhaven Display designed the Color OLED Arduino Shields to be compatible with the Arduino UNO and also the Arduino UNO SMD boards. This collaborative environment allows engineers to quickly start developing their product with any of Newhaven Display’s Color OLED Shields.

In addition, Newhaven Display shares a repository of example code, to enable engineers get started with the color OLED Arduino Shields as soon as the product arrives. More resources, such as code assistance and code branches are available within Arduino’s community, which is a vibrant platform for knowledge sharing with different like-minded engineers.

The open source hardware and software package design of the Color OLED Arduino Shields is both time and cost effective, and are flexibly designed for simple and complex development tools, as required by the end user. These shields, by not being restricted only to the Arduino brand boards, offer enhanced flexibility, enabling the shield to be breadboarded to any existing development board.

These shields also come ready in 3.3V-5V, supporting a broader spectrum of end products. To eliminate memory constraints and allow further storage space for more advanced developments, a micro SD slot comes as an inherent standard for the Color OLED shield. Additionally, for interchangeable development options, the Color OLED modules share a similar pin-out in order that one shield can be used between all three sizes.

The Color OLED Arduino Shields are affordable and efficient, for any level of engineers to start development with Newhaven Display’s Color OLEDs. These shields are not only restricted to engineers, they are also a perfect tool that can be easily adaptedo a classroom setting. The Color OLED Arduino Shields are affordable, simple to use and are RoHS Compliant. Moreover, by being a part of an excellent engineering community, it bridges the gap between engineers as well as all type of users.

Key Features

  • Designed to mate with Arduino UNO and Arduino UNO SMD
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Open Source Hardware and Software
  • Three sizes available, 1.27”, 1.5” and 1.69”
  • 3V- 5.0V ready
  • Micro SD slot
  • Built-in level shifting
  • Easy to use, clearly labeled pins
  • RoHS compliant

For more information on the Color OLED Arduino Shields, please contact your WPGA Display Expert or call 888.WPG.8881.