Newhaven Display Announces the Launch of New 4.3" Arduino Shields with Capacitive or Resistive Touch

By Mike PecoraroNovember 10, 2016

Newhaven Display, a global leader in premium quality display devices, recently launched the Arduino Shields customized for their 4.3" capacitive or resistive touch TFT display line. The new 4.3" Arduino Shields, a significant addition to the company's impressive portfolio, has been made available in six display variants, all of them readily compatible with Arduino's popular development boards.

Designed by Newhaven engineers, the Arduino Shields offer designers a compact solution for developing advanced applications with touch TFT.

Each 4.3" Arduino Shield features 480x272 TFT resolution in the form of three major display formats, Sunlight Readable, Premium (MVA), and the Standard LCD display. Additionally, there are two distinct touchscreen options to pick from - a 5-point multi-touch capacitive display or the 4-wire resistive touch.

All six variations of Arduino shields integrate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), a specific digital signal type used to regulate the dimming of backlight LEDs. Incorporating either an FT801 capacitive touch or an FT800 resistive touch, the shields infuse stunning features and functionality for designing applications with touch TFTs. 

Newhaven Display's Arduino shields generate audio output with an on-board power amplifier. It works hand-in-hand with Arduino's industry-leading development boards, which are powerful development tools with built-in micro SD slots providing for extra storage requirements in complex coding. The Arduino boards, thus, eliminate memory constraints, offering designers the much-needed flexibility in developing with TFT.

The Arduino Shields, designed in Elgin Illinois by Newhaven engineers, seamlessly integrate with Arduino boards such as the UNO, Mega, and Leonardo. Each of these boards connects directly to the rear end of the shield, simplifying the design process by considerably reducing the timeframe for software and hardware development.

Additionally, the cutting-edge shields are capable of operating without any extra controller boards or cables, facilitating an accelerated and effortless experience in developing applications with a capacitive or resistive touchscreen TFT. 

Newhaven Display, in order to assist designers kickstart their applications with the new 4.3" Arduino Shield, has launched a repository of sample code intended to help engineers get familiarized with the product without much hassles. The open source software and hardware designs will also spare developers from unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Key Highlights of the New 4.3" Arduino Shields with Capacitive or Resistive Touch

Newhaven Display's Arduino Shields integrate unique features that deliver the most effective and fastest approach for engineering applications with touch TFTs, which include —

  • Directly connects with Arduino Uno, Mega, and Leonardo boards.
  • Available in Standard, Premium (MVA), and Sunlight Readable TFTs
  • Incorporates FT801 and FT800 video engines
  • Innovative 'Pulse Width Modulation' backlight control
  • Extensive repository of open Source Hardware and Software
  • Built-in Micro SD slot for expanded memory
  • 5V tolerant buffers
  • Generates mono audio output
  • RoHS compliant

By obtaining relevant resources from Arduino's thriving global community, designers can take full advantage of shared code developed by Newhaven engineers as well as other code created by individual developers.

Watch the  4.3" Arduino Shields - Overview & Tutorial

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