New Innovations in the LED Lighting Industry are Reigniting Growth

By Chris MillerNovember 14, 2016

This article was originally published in the November/December 2016 edition of Electronics Sourcing Magazine.

Emerging trends, such as Smart LED drivers and horticulture lighting, are impacting the lighting landscape in many ways. WPG Americas’ Chris Miller, Regional Vice President of the Lighting Business Unit, discusses these and other trends, and why the future of the industry is more than just bright.

Innovations in LEDs continue to fuel growth for the lighting industry, boasting expanded options, new customer applications and lowered total product costs. The new smart LED driver technologies are helping customers introduce new products and bringing new revenue potential to their existing LED products, like downlights and high and low bay lighting. One such innovation is an LED Driver from ERP with Bluetooth-capability. This technology gives our customers the ability to add a module to enable communications with other Bluetooth sensors, such as those for occupancy and daylight harvesting. The addition of Bluetooth and other sensors is allowing our suppliers to open new doors for their customers, and to build on their legacy products through expanded capabilities.

Over the last two years, horticultural lighting has become one of the fastest growing markets of the LED lighting industry. Its growth can be attributed to a dramatic improvement in LED performance; LEDs are now edging older halogen and other legacy horticulture lighting solutions by providing product and energy cost savings and application performance. Cree, within their dramatically expanded portfolio, offers LEDs that deliver the full spectrum of light to imitate natural sunlight and discrete wavelength LEDs that provide the wavelengths needed by different crops and various stages of plant growth.

At WPG Americas, we have assembled an industry-respected lighting technical support team and are partnered with some of the world’s top manufacturers of LED components and modules, LED drivers, secondary optics and thermal manufacturers. We have also partnered with top lighting integrators to offer our customers a production option. We are proud to offer a total lighting solution to our OEM lighting customers.

This article was originally published in the November/December 2016 edition of Electronics Sourcing Magazine. To view online editions of the magazine, visit: