MPS Releases New MPQ5073 and MPQ5073-AEC1 for Production

By Rob GrayFebruary 13, 2017

Monolithic Power Systems, an integrated power solutions company headquartered in San Jose, California, released the first batch of MPQ5073 and MPQ5073-AEC1 for mass production.

The new load switches, typically designed to provide 2A load protection over voltages ranging from 0.5V to 5.5V, provides highly effective space saving solutions for applications such as notebooks, tablets, and other handheld portable devices.

Key Functions of a Load Switch

Essentially, load switch is a low-resistance power switch, which allows for:

●        Uniform power distribution and sequencing even at a low VIN.

●        Slew rate control (initial charging of output caps)

●        Fault protection and isolation

●        Optimized power utilization

●        Reduced power consumption (IQ < 1µA shutdown)

●        Precise current reporting and power monitoring

The MPQ5073, integrated with a soft start function, also features advanced qualities like OCP and thermal shutdown, programmable soft start time, and output discharge capabilities. The new release, launched in compact packages, is very efficient in handling sudden inrush of current during the circuit start-up.

Features and Application Areas of MPQ5073 and MPQ5073-AEC1

The new MPQ 5073 is modeled to control the magnitude of current limit through an external resistor from the ILIM pin to ground. The internal charge pumps of the power device drive the gate, providing a significantly reduced on-resistance DMOS power FET of just 50mΩ. 

The MPQ 5073, made available in AEC-Q100 Qualified Grade, incorporates the following features:

●        Guaranteed Industrial/Automotive Temp Range Limits

●        Extended VIN Range from 0.5V to 5.5V

●        <5µA Shutdown Current

●        Integrated 50mΩ Low RDSON FETs

●        Typical 2A Load Current Range

●        Push Pull PG Indicator

●        Adjustable Start Up Slew Rate

●        Output discharge function

●        <200ns Short-Circuitry Response Protection

●        Thermal Protection

●        Small QFN-12 (2mmx2mm) Package for Space Saving

MPQ5073 and MPQ5073-AEC1 can be deployed in diverse application areas which include:

●        Notebook and Tablet Computers

●        Portable Devices

●        Solid State Drivers

●        Handheld Devices

All parts of the new MPQ5073 and MPQ5073-AEC1 are lead-free and halogen-free. The power devices, introduced in tiny, space saving QFN-12 (2mmx2mm) packages, adhere to RoHS directive and MPS green status.

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