MINMAX Introduces Two New DC-DC Converter Series in Chassis Mount Package and DIN-Rail Mounting Option

By WPG AmericasSeptember 18, 2018

MINMAX Technology, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of premium-quality DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies for a variety of applications ranging from ITE to railway, medical, and renewable energy, expands its portfolio by announcing the launch of two new DC-DC converter series — the MJWI06C and the MKWI10C.

An Overview of MINMAX MJWI06C and MKWI10C DC-DC Converter Series

The fully encapsulated DC-DC converters, with chassis and DIN-Rail mounting package include 18 variants, which offer 9-36 or 18-75 VDC input ranges with dual output models ±12V, ±15V, ±24V, and single output models 5-48 VDC, delivering 6-10 watts of output power.

All models are marketed with built-in EMC filter for EMI emission EN55032 Class A, without the need for integrating any additional components. The best-in-class DC-DC converters, having an average efficiency of up to 86 per cent, are qualified as per the CB scheme, with safety approvals to UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1 standards.

The top-grade DC-DC converters, adhering to EMS immunity EN 61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, incorporate an operating temperature range of -40 ℃ to +87 oC a wide 4:1 input range, and an I/O isolation of 3000VDC.

Star Features of the New DC-DC Converter Series

The MJWI06C and MKWI10C DC-DC converters have been engineered to meet particular specifications in challenging industrial applications. Specifically, the new 6W and 10 Watt series are designed for server racks, data cabinets, and outdoor telecommunication industry equipment. Here are some of the standout features of the two product series.

Better protection than general products - The integrated 3000VDC I/O isolation provide enhanced protection against short circuit, overload, and abnormal under-voltage, compared to regular DC-DC converters (1500VDC) available on the market. 

Special and rare package - MINMAX's high-performance MJWI06C and MKWI10C converters feature in a chassis-mount package with screw terminals, or with clip for DIN-Rail mounting, offering system engineers the opportunity to eliminate power board request in field applications. The chassis mount with screw terminal block facilitates easy and rapid connection, while the DIN-Rail mounting is ideal for outdoor telecom equipment, data cabinet, and server rack. The availability of both chassis and DIN-Rail mount in 6 to 10W DC-DC converter series is a rare combination in the converter industry.

Resistant to harsh environments - Converter modules that are placed in outdoor equipment cabinets must withstand harsh environmental conditions like scorching heat, storm, and rain. Keeping these factors in mind, MINMAX has packaged the MJWI06C and MKWI10C converter units in a fully encapsulated plastic case. The water and dust-tight seal packaging provide protection from ingress, which reduces the risk of equipment failure.

Technical Notes for MINMAX MJWI06C and MKWI10C DC-DC Converter Series

Input Source Impedance

It is recommended to connect the MJWI06C and MKWI10C power modules to a low AC-impedance input source. Source impedances that are highly inductive, can affect the stability of the converter modules. A capacitor at the input might be necessary to ensure start up, especially in applications where the output loading is fairly high, and power is supplied over long lines. A good quality capacitor, with low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), will guarantee high stability.

Remote On/Off

The positive logic remote on/off feature turns on the power module during a logic high voltage, and shuts it down, during a logic low. Users will have to add a switch to the DC-DC converter modules, to control the voltage between the -Vin terminal and the on/off terminal. The switch can be an open collector, or anything similar. The logic high of MJWI06C and MKWI10C power modules is 3.5V to 12V, while the logic low is 0V to 1.2V. The maximum sink current at the on/off terminal during a logic low is 500μA.

Thermal Considerations

Various factors like the airflow, orientation, and board spacing affect the thermal performance of power modules. It is recommended to keep the case temperature below 105oC in order to avoid over-heating of components inside the MJWI06C and MKWI10C converter modules. The case temperature, under any circumstances, should not exceed the maximum temperature rating.

MINMAX, in its response to improve the environment and human health conditions, is committed to complying with international safety guidelines. All MINMAX products, including the MJWI06C and MKWI10C DC-DC converter series, are REACH and RoHS compliant as well as free from conflict minerals that violate human rights and environmental regulations.

For more information about the MJWI06C and MKWI10C DC-DC converter series, pricing, and sales, please get in touch with a WPGA Power Specialist.