MINMAX AAF-05 Series of AC-DC Power Supplies Offer a Cost-Effective Solution for Space-Critical Applications

By WPG AmericasNovember 7, 2017

Recently, MINMAX announced the launch of its new AAF-05 Series of fully encapsulated, ultra-compact, 5 Watt AC/DC power supply modules, designed for smooth PCB mounting with solder pins.

The AC/DC power supply modules incorporate a wide operating ambient temperature range of -25℃ to +70℃ for long-term operation, and a universal input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC, ideal for consumer electronics and smart household applications.

The new power supplies, marketed in an international safety approval package, integrate cutting-edge protection features like short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, and under voltage protection, which makes the power supply modules suitable for the world markets.

Prime Features of MINMAX AAF-05 Series of AC/DC Power Supplies

The MINMAX AAF-05 series of 5 Watt AC/DC power supply modules offer an excellent solution for space-critical deployments like instrumentation, communication equipment, consumer electronics, and smart household applications with industry-leading features like:

  • Ultra-small Size 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.64"
  • Universal Input 85~264VAC
  • Fully Encapsulated Plastic Case for PCB and Chassis Mounting Version
  • I/O Isolation 3000 VAC with Reinforced Insulation
  • Industry’s Smallest Size by Reducing 50% Area
  • Completed Abnormal Protection Function with Overload/Voltage and Short Circuit Protection
  • High Load Driving Capability with High Capacitance and Low Voltage Loading
  • Low No-Load Power Consumption and No Min. Load Requirement by Energy Saving Design, as low as 0.05 watt
  • Designed-in EMI Emission meets EN55011/32/14-1 Class B & FCC Level
  • Protection Class II as per IEC/EN 60536
  • Eco Design, No Load Input Power 300mW max.
  • Designed-in EMC Immunity meets EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11
  • High Whole Operation Range Efficiency by Green Design, up to 85%
  • Safety Approval to UL/cUL/IEC/EN 60950-1 & CE Marking
  • International UL/TUV Safety & EMC Certification

Key Application Areas of MINMAX AAF-05 Series of AC/DC Power Supply Modules

Consumer Electronics

The rapid proliferation of smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and a variety of remote-controlled devices is dramatically transforming our lives, especially the way we communicate and seek entertainment. With fast-paced innovations and the advent of new technologies, these consumer electronic devices are undergoing frequent changes, constantly breaking performance barriers, and creating new benchmarks.

This is causing a paradigm shift in consumer expectations, who are now more inclined towards technologically advanced, high-quality electronic devices that are expected to do more, endure extended use times, and last longer. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary for consumer electronics OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to integrate reliable and high-performance power supplies into their products to ensure stable operation.

With low no-load power consumption and outstanding light load efficiency, the MINMAX AAF-05 series of AC/DC power supply modules offer an excellent solution for these advanced consumer electronics devices.

Communications Equipment and Instrumentation

The telecommunications landscape, in recent times, is witnessing a massive transformation, which is driving the OEMs to not only cut costs but to also deliver highly efficient and reliable power solutions that are ideal for deployment in diverse environments.

This ever-changing telecommunications market is continually demanding top-class AC/DC power supplies for use in varied communication applications like data communications, bulk power systems, wireless telephony equipment, base stations, and a wide range of other applications.

With its new AAF-05 series of AC/DC power supplies, MINMAX is perfectly positioned to cater to the telecommunications industry with low power, ultra-small form factor, and cost-effective solutions, fully suited for space-critical applications that require a compact unit with wide input range.

Besides telecommunications and data communications, these high-efficiency power supply modules, delivering high-grade performance and reliability, are also ideal for other markets including instrumentation, networking, and broadcast.

Home Appliances

Almost all modern-day home appliances incorporate electronic circuits like LCD displays and micro-controllers, which require an AC/DC power supply to provide regulated DC power.

Most of these appliances, using electric motors, have high voltage at the input source of the power supply, induced by inductive kickback. This presents a major challenge to system designers, who, on one hand, must ensure the supply of safe and reliable power in an appliance, and on the other, must deliver designs with low power consumption and high performance.

The MINMAX AAF-05 series of encapsulated power supply modules, with safety approval of EN60335-1 for household appliances, efficiency up to 83%, a wide operation range of -25 °C to +70°C, and an input-output isolation of 3kVac with “highest reinforced insulation”, provide safe and reliable power supply solutions designed for home appliance applications.

The MINMAX AAF-05 series of 5 Watt AC/DC power supply modules, presented in a plastic resin (flammability to UL 94V-0 rated) 25.4 x 25.4 x 16.3mm (1.0 x 1.0 x 0.64 inches) case, delivers unprecedented performance and high reliability in harsh environments.

The high-end power supplies with tinned copper pin material, weighing 19.7g, complies with all necessary safety approvals according to international standards such as UL/cUL/IEC/EN 60950-1, TUV IEC/EN 60335-1, and CE marking.

In addition, the MINMAX AC/DC power supply modules feature EMI-filter that meets EN 55011/32 and EN 55014-1, class B. EMC immunity EN 61000-6-1, and low standby power consumption as per European ErP Directive 2009/125/EC.

For more information about MINMAX AAF-05 series and product queries, please contact WPGA Power Specialist.