Micron’s SOLID Ready Solutions – Heralding the Birth of New Generation Flash Based Data Centers

By Floyd GoodrichApril 28, 2016

Industries across the globe have experienced a massive Big Data inflation in the past few years. This has resulted in huge growth spurt that has never been experienced before. In order to handle the velocity, variety, and volume of business critical data being made available, enterprises need to design their data center infrastructure appropriately. Innovative data center solutions that moves away from traditional hardware, built using frame based arrays, and introduces ways to develop an agile IT landscape is the need of the hour. The flash based storage solutions being developed under the aegis of Micron Technology Inc. is a suitable technology alternative that helps business data achieve their true potential and enables organizations meet their aspirations.

Simple, agile, and cost-effective flash has always been a favorite with most companies when they have moved processes in order to change the technology infrastructure of the organization. Moreover, flash based solutions have always had the reputation to generate higher performance, enabled IT to become simpler and definitely more agile. Flash has also proven to be the ideal solution to make better use of the data being provided by expediting the process to build analytics and deliver better insights from it.

In order to harness this immense capability of flash based technology to deliver a more focused approach to data analytics, Micron Technology leveraged its expertise in storage innovation to deliver the Micron Accelerated Solutions. Micron designed and delivered this flash based storage solution in close collaboration with storage giants like VMware, Supermicro and Nexenta. The set of solutions are equipped to provide computational and storage benefits to open source and software defined data centers.

Some of the products in Micron’s accelerated solution suite include:

  • VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes - This hyper-converged solution comprises all flash ready nodes that help to store and compute. Appropriate evaluations with its peers have revealed that the Micron Accelerated solution is capable of delivering 40 times their IOPs and bandwidth, and 1/40th time low latency.

The Micron Accelerated Solution for VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes provides advanced data efficiency features like deduplication, compression and erasure coding—key features that are only available in the all-flash configuration of the software-defined storage platform but that are now available for the first time in VMware Virtual SAN 6.2. This makes it possible to purchase VMware Virtual SAN All-Flash Ready Nodes for as low as $0.44/GB (effective capacity), which includes the full MSRP of all server hardware, software and a three-year support.

  • Ceph Storage Solution – Based on an open source storage solution the Ceph Storage Solution offers fast data solutions and comfortably achieves a 140GB/s throughput. It runs on Linux and puts up a stellar support for a dynamic cloud setup.
  • NexentaEdge Solution – In collaboration with Nexenta, Micron provides the high performing NexentaEdge Solution. This is a full-flash based object storage solution with scalability options. It provides object services like native block, iSCSI block, Swift and S3.

Micron Technology works towards helping organizations adopt a simplified approach in transitioning to an agile infrastructure. The Micron Accelerated Solutions have been bestowed with SOLID ready seal that helps to further establish their claim to providing enterprises with proven reference architectures.

"VMware's hyper-converged software, consisting of VMware vSphere®, VMware Virtual SAN and VMware vCenter Server®, has the ability to provision and manage compute, network and storage resources from a single pane of management,” said Skip Bacon, VMware Vice President of Products, Storage & Availability. “We are excited to join Micron and Supermicro to deliver all-flash, hyper-converged solutions enabled by VMware Virtual SAN to customers that deliver high performance, enterprise-class storage for virtual environments that are simple, resilient and efficient, while reducing total cost of ownership."

Enterprises today need to build simpler systems that can scale, are seamless, ensures lower power utilization and are cost beneficial. Flash helps to support each of these features and is therefore the preferred option for storage solutions as compared to traditional HDDs.

As companies increasingly opt for cloud computing, better performing applications are necessary to drive data utilization. Speed and responsiveness are the prime accelerators in helping organizations perform better data analytics and develop more effective customer insights. Micron Technology helps enterprises to comfortably handle the inflow of large volumes of complex data and organize them into useable information systems through the Micron Accelerated solutions product suite. The solutions are yet another asset in its portfolio of innovative computing and enterprise storage that paves the way for the next-generation data centers.

Micron’s SOLID ready solutions are sold and supported by WPG Americas. To learn more about deploying this solution within your infrastructure, contact us today!