Micron's microSD Cards for IIoT Applications

By Floyd GoodrichJuly 23, 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things has changed the world of manufacturing, taking automation and connectivity outside of brick and mortar factory walls. Because of the constant quality required of autonomous driving, linked embedded applications and surveillance equipment to external displays, remote communications installations, or other IIoT operations. Micron has developed an industrial microSD card to address the growing challenges of temperature, endurance and robust requirements that consumer or wireless memory solutions can’t meet.

Micron’s industrial microSD cards for commercial mission-critical applications are made to provide the reliability, quality, performance, security and longevity needed in IIoT applications. Benefits include:

  • High-endurance memory solution for 24/7 video recording
  • Designed for unique demands for security cameras
  • Card health monitoring
  • Optimized firmware to curtail frame drop

Download the Micron microSD cards for Industrial Internet of Things brochure now and contact a WPGA Memory Specialist to discuss your application solution.