Micron's M500IT Solid State Drive Applications

By Floyd GoodrichNovember 30, 2016

Micron Technology, Inc., leading suppliers of premium quality semiconductor devices, strengthens its storage solutions portfolio with the introduction of M500IT solid-state drive (SSD) in superior densities ranging from 60GB to 240GB.

Powered by Micron's industry-leading memory technologies, the M500IT is faster than the conventional HDDs, enabling high responsiveness and fast application loads crucial for Industrial IoT (IIoT), M2M applications, and media-rich automotive experiences. The SSDs include data-at-rest protection against accidental power loss, hardware-based encryption, and an adaptive thermal monitoring system to protect user data at extensive temperatures.

Kris Baxter, the VP of Marketing at Micron Technology, stated that Micron estimates Industrial IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to grow 6X over the next five years, with high performing applications such as surveillance, factory automation, vendor machines, smart metering, health monitoring, and other connected devices dominating the industrial scene.

The growth of M2M will need more cellular modules, which will prompt the demand for industrial applications with widespread temperature ranges and extended product durability in right form factors. "We are actively engaged in developing solutions with key module makers, including ublox, ZTE, and Sierra Wireless," Baxter added.

Micron's M500IT: A Best Fit for Challenging Applications Under Extreme Conditions

The new M500IT SSDs deliver high-performance storage solutions in a variety of diverse applications, which are often demanding and space-constrained. Designed to boost the performance standards of industrial-grade IoT applications, automotive electronics systems, and M2M connectivity, the deployment can be varied, and across every domain -

  • Automotive – Navigation, In-vehicle infotainment, driver information, adaptive driver assistance program, and black box.
  • Industrial – IoT, heavy robotics, aerospace solutions, remote communication, medical equipment.
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) – Smart security, smart home and factory, retail, transportation, and energy solutions.

Key Benefits of Micron's M500IT Sata SSDs

Micron, being a vertically integrated memory solution provider, develops its SSDs from start to finish with unique features that ensure end-to-end quality and design with application-optimized memory components.

Key features of Micron's M500IT SATA SSDs include -

  1. Extended temperature range of –40°C to +85°C - Withstands extreme temperature ranges ideal for rigorous industrial applications.
  2. Robust Data Security - Enhanced data protection with industry-leading encryption, and adaptive thermal monitoring.
  3. Data Path Protection - Helps secure user data while it passes through the SSD.
  4. Power-Loss Protection - Ensures high-level data integrity during events of unexpected power-loss.
  5. Responsive Performance - Facilitates significantly faster boot, file and application load times, as compared to traditional HDDs.
  6. Low Power Consumption - Consumes considerably low power than typical conventional hard drives.

Micron's Proven End-to-End Quality

Starting from component designing to fabrication to the final packaged device, Micron's stringent quality specifications, substantial investments, and rigorous R&D guarantees advanced NAND management algorithms for enhanced reliability built into every M500IT solid state drive.

Micron's Commitment to Quality and Support

Micron’s strong commitment towards Industrial IoT, M2M applications, and automotive quality is reflected throughout its designing, manufacturing, and qualification phases, ensuring improved reliability and robustness for today’s demanding industrial requirements.

Micron’s broad-based SATA SSD product portfolio and trusted expertise help customers with ample choices for all their storage needs.

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