Micron SolidScale Platform Architecture Promises to Unlock Unused Capacity and Performance of NVMe Storage

By Floyd GoodrichMay 25, 2017

Micron Technology, Inc., a global leader in innovative storage solutions including DRAM, NAND, NOR Flash and 3D XPoint™ memory, unveiled its new SolidScale architecture that leverages exceptionally low-latency and high performance in demanding data center applications.

The SolidScale architecture empowers customers with unprecedented agility, ushering in a new age of shared accelerated storage for the next-generation cloud-native applications, and data-intensive workloads.

Whether it’s online transaction processing, machine learning, virtual platforms, or analytics, the innovative SolidScale architecture - powered by Micron's industry-leading excellence - expedites speed and time to results through its remarkably high throughput and extremely low latency.

"We estimate that companies using NVMe SSDs deployed in application servers today are on average using less than 50% of their IOPS and capacity. With the new Micron SolidScale architecture, capacity is shared across application servers, unlocking capacity customers have already paid for so that they can do more with less and unleash flash's true performance," said Darren Thomas, vice president, Storage Business Unit, Micron Technology, Inc. "At Micron, we consider the impact of every workload, application, and environment as we design the technology, products, and systems that allow our customers to deploy applications faster and scale without limits."

Key Highlights of Micron's SolidScale Platform

Micron's SolidScale platform, specifically designed for the most challenging application workloads like database acceleration, big data, and analytics, unleashes the true potential of NVMe solid state drives by unlocking the advantages of a single, centralized pool of storage with local in-server SSDs. Key features of the new SolidScale architecture include:

  • Unrivaled Performance: Micron's SolidScale platform delivers optimized performance that can be easily scaled by adding an average of five microseconds of added latency to an application's data path. The cutting-edge architecture reduces the end-to-end latency to less than 200 microseconds. 
  • Agile Infrastructure: The logical volume feature of Micron's SolidScale architecture presents superb flexibility to build and manage a centralized storage pool that permits users to create precise volumes for the data repository of each server.
  • Effortless Manageability: The new SolidScale platform’s web-based management interface gives a straightforward, graphical configuration and setup for critical data services.
  • Hassle-free Scalability: Micron's leading-edge SolidScale architecture facilitates customers with seamless scalability for both performance and storage capacities. The performance scales automatically when supplemented with extra nodes.

"NVMeoF is a much faster way of connecting to the CPU by using the high-speed interconnects of the RoCE fabric, making this architecture ideal for a range of low-latency, robust data needs spanning real-time data analytics, high-performance computing, and hyper-scale database use cases," said Laura DuBois, group vice president for IDC's Enterprise Storage, Server and System Infrastructure Software research. "Micron is taking an early mover position by pushing the envelope of software and hardware to enable low latency, reduced costs and high performance to tackle data-intensive workloads."

Availability of Micron's SolidScale Architecture

Mass production of the new SolidScale platform is expected to commence from Q1 of 2018.