Micron S600 Series: A True Match for Business-Critical Applications

By Floyd GoodrichMarch 1, 2017

Micron Technology has unveiled its new portfolio of SAS solid state drives, the S600 Series: workload optimized for critical data center applications including financial transactions, media streaming, and data analytics.

The newly introduced S600 SSD series presents a compelling proposition for IT managers by incorporating comprehensive memory solutions package targeted to deliver significant benefits in applications that require superior storage capacity, consistent performance, improved data availability, and security.

The Micron S600 Series of SAS SSDs enables cutting-edge resilience, enterprise-hardened reliability, industry-leading capacity and endurance in processing evolving Big Data applications such as health records and credit card transactions.

The Key Product Features Of Micron S600 SAS SSD Series For Data Centers

The new S600 Series SSDs integrate crucial features specifically designed for business-critical applications. The leading storage solution includes innovative technologies such as secure erase capabilities, encryption, dual-port redundancy, and counterfeiting measures to ensure that applications are not only fast, but secure as well.

Significant Advantages of Micron S600 SSD Series in Business-critical Applications

Enhanced Reliability

The S600 Series ensures peace of mind with its enterprise-class data protection features integrated into a reliable SAS architecture. The SSDs deliver industry-leading reliability by assembling a series of advanced technologies, which include internal and external data path protection, as well as multi-layered error recovery with error detection/correction encoding optimized for the NAND media.

Unmatched Performance

Micron is trusted globally for its unrivaled performance deliverance in providing advanced storage and memory solutions optimized for data center applications. The company's new range of S600 SAS SSD offers a suitable replacement for the 10K and 15K SAS HDDs with performance up to 200,000 IOPS. The S600's high-performance dual-port interface leverages unparalleled sequential read performance and high data availability with enterprise-hardened redundancy.

Additionally, the SSD's integrated power loss protection feature prevents loss of user data in the event of an unexpected power interruption.

Multi-Layered Security

Micron's S600 SAS SSD series, optimally designed for mixed-workload and virtualized environment, facilitates secure diagnostics and multiple layers of security that help prevent malicious attacks. Moreover, the SSD's self-encrypting drive capability ensures stringent security standards in enabling enhanced data protection.

Improved Cost of Ownership

The new S600 SAS SSD drives incorporate a superb combination of low power requirements and high-performance levels that expedite increased power efficiencies for a more cost-light data center infrastructure.

Why Choose Micron S600 SAS SSDs for Data-Sensitive Business Applications?

Micron Technology, a worldwide leader in SSD storage solutions, has a proven track record of producing world-class NAND flash designs that endorse exceptional quality and reliability offered by a vertically integrated SSD supplier.

The new S600 SAS SSD series has been rigorously tested to carry forward Micron’s rich legacy of utmost quality assurance in providing end-to-end storage solutions to mission-critical data center applications.

Micron's S600 SAS SSD series is currently in production, and will be made available to data center enterprises, IT businesses, and original equipment manufacturers directly through the company's global distribution partners.

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