Micron NOR Flash: Solutions for Embedded Applications in the Connected World

By Floyd GoodrichMay 4, 2017

Embedded, wireless, or automotive applications — no matter your design requirements — Micron has the right product mix of memory solutions with the industry’s broadest portfolio of parallel and serial NOR Flash products that ensure high performance and endurance in rugged deployments.

Micron, a worldwide leader in NOR flash solutions, manufactures NOR flash memory devices in densities up to 2Gb, which are primarily used for secure code storage in embedded systems. The easy to implement memory solution offers faster boot with minimal management due to its inherent cell structure, specially designed to deliver industry-leading speed and performances at reduced operational costs.

Here are the key features of Micron’s parallel and serial NOR Flash memory solutions.  

Parallel NOR Flash Memory Solutions

Meeting the design requirements of consumer, automotive, and mobile products with Micron’s Parallel NOR Flash memory solutions is easy and seamless. The cutting-edge storage solutions integrate superb densities, execute-in-place (XiP) performance, and extended temperature ranges to facilitate challenging applications like - automotive rear-view cameras, smartphones, GPS/navigation, e-readers - with a proven track record of exceptional reliability in ruggedized settings.

Serial NOR Flash Memory Solutions

Micron’s Serial NOR Flash memory solution is designed to meet the requirements of computing applications, wired communications, industrial, and consumer electronics. The Flash product, available in industry-standard packaging, integrates built-in command sets and universal pinouts that keep the design process simple, saving development time and accelerating the time to market.

Micron NOR Flash Advantages in Automotive Applications

The advent of connected cars is increasingly boosting the demand for improved automotive experiences like - wireless connectivity, driver assistance systems (ADAS), GPS, and infotainment - which is driving automotive designs to the next level and spurring the need for advanced memory solutions.

Micron, with more than 25 years of automotive experience, offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, high-efficiency memory solutions that optimize automotive designs and speed up the time-to-go. Micron is renowned for its cutting-edge storage solutions in automotive applications, trusted by leading automobile designers for unmatched quality and precise regulatory compliances. Key features of Micron storage solutions in automotive applications include -

  • The industry’s broadest portfolio: High-grade NOR Flash portfolio that has been rigorously tested in a variety of extreme environments to meet the diverse and challenging demands of automotive applications.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Micron continuously innovates leading-edge memory solutions that are optimized to meet the industry trends and demands of the emerging connected car market. Leverage industry-leading innovation, experience, and expertise with technical and design support from highly qualified system architects having an in-depth knowledge about the automotive ecosystem.
  • Active Collaboration: Collaborative partnerships with major establishments in the automotive industry enable highly scalable memory solutions with further scope for innovation and design integration.
  • Unmatched Quality: Micron memory solutions are optimized from start to end — starting from fabrication to component design, till the final packaging — this takes care of the required automotive compliances, the NOR Flash product quality, and ISO/TS certification requirements.

 Micron NOR Flash Advantages in Embedded IoT Applications

Today, we are witnessing an exponential rise in the number of ‘intelligent things’ such as wearable devices, smart machines, consumer appliances, connected cars, homes, offices etc. These billions of connected devices are increasingly interacting with each other via the Internet, producing an enormous amount of data influx spurring the need for fast memory solutions.

Micron puts you at the core of the Internet of Things with its premium NOR Flash memory solutions, optimally designed for embedded applications. The industry-leading storage solution not only qualifies for functional requirements but also ensures high-class quality and reliability in a variety of rugged industrial environments. Prime features of Micron’s NOR Flash memory solutions in embedded applications are as follows -

  • Region-based technical support: Easily accessible technical support rendered by regional engineers and system architectures with a deep understanding of embedded systems.
  • Wide Portfolio: High-efficiency memory solutions available in a variety of densities, technologies, and form factors.
  • Top-class Reliability: Micron’s NOR Flash memory solutions are tested for endurance in extreme temperatures, rigorous environments, and in a range of mission-critical applications.

The first-grade memory products, offered in industry-leading packages, densities, and operating temperatures, focus on zero defect to meet the uncompromising quality and reliability requirements in automotive and embedded applications. 

To learn more about Micron’s NOR Flash products, please contact a WPGA Memory specialist with more information about your product and application!