Micron Launches the 1100 series 3D NAND Client SATA SSD

By Floyd GoodrichAugust 25, 2016

Micron Technology, Inc., on March 31, 2016, introduced its new range of SATA product line, the 1100 series. The newest addition to the Micron family, as believed by experts, will lead the industry benchmark for solid state drives (SSDs) to the next level.

Seamlessly designed, the recently launched 3D NAND SSDs promise to eliminate extensive data wait times by speeding up data workloads like emails, web browsing, multimedia, and auto CAD applications.

“With the growing demands of mobile computing driving the need for high-capacity, high-performance NAND flash technology, Micron is well-positioned for growth, ” said Gregory Wong, President, Forward Insights. “Leadership in the client SSD market will be won by the innovator that successfully increases power efficiency without sacrificing security and performance.”

Micron Unleashes Industry-Leading Storage Performance with Its 1100 3D NAND SSDs

Introducing the industry-leading capacity of up to 2TB of flash storage, Micron's 1100 SSD series delivers instantaneous data access, super-fast boot times, and increased program load speeds. Specifically created to address challenging storage demands, the 1100 series will enhance security, endurance, capacity, and performance for today's demanding IT ecosystem.

With low power states, the 1100 SSD, in comparison to an HDD1, is 900 times faster and 98 percent more efficient for random operations. Considering the exceedingly improved power-efficient characteristics, Micron's latest line of 3D NAND flash storage represents an ideal solution for ambitious computing workloads.

Enriching Micron's already impressive data storage portfolio even further, the next-generation 1100 flash SSDs ensure optimized security and unmatched performance for consumer computing platforms like Ultrabooks, tablets, PCs, and workstations.

Striking Features of Micron's 1100 Redefines SSD Storage with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Micron's new 1100 NAND flash storage leverage high-class standards in power efficiency, reliability, data protection, and performance, which makes the SSD  a compelling proposition for IT administrators and users alike. Key benefits of the 1100 product line include -

  • Performance – The Dynamic Write Acceleration, optimized for demanding computing environments, deliver improved performance without a drop in user capacity.
  • Manageability – Integrated with a user-friendly interface, the Storage Executive software leverages sanitization functionalities, allowing for trouble-free erase and repurpose of the SSD. In addition, it permits installation of firmware updates and allows for easy monitoring of drive health as well.
  • Power Efficiency – Micron's power-efficient SSD product line for smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and desktops, maximizes energy savings by the reducing power intake. This extends the battery life of a device and enhances productiveness.
  • Security – The latest 1100 SSD series from Micron, present leading-edge data security features by enabling the core parameters for data protection.
  • Durability – Micron's flash storage devices are rigorously tested for challenging workload, which ensures superior endurance and reliability.

“Micron is raising the bar for power-efficient, high-performance storage and revolutionizing the client computing experience for all users, from the board room to the class room,” stated Darren Thomas, vice president of storage at Micron. “Now our customers can future-proof their machines of tomorrow with the newest line of 3D NAND SSDs from Micron – all at an attractive cost compared to HDDs,” he added.