Micron Industrial IoT Solutions: Enabling Industrial Designs of Tomorrow

By Floyd GoodrichJuly 11, 2017

The speedy onset of automation and Internet of Things (IoT) is making global industries adapt to the new reality of changing business dynamics. From energy distribution to factory automation, smart cities to transport and logistics, today, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming industries by opening up a new era of data insights, competitiveness, and business growth. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), when compared to consumer IoT segment, is far more complex, as industrial infrastructures need to withstand a range of demanding conditions while providing greater security and higher uptime.

The Increasing Role of Memory in Industrial Designs

As data growth increases exponentially, and solutions become more and more specialized, storage and memory products are becoming more than a critical component in business processes.  Rather, they’ve become a major strategic differentiator, as far as success is concerned.

To make the most of the evolving opportunities, industrial devices now have to be designed to a new industrial quotient (IQ), and so must the storage systems that they use.

To address this issue, Micron has introduced a range of industrial-grade memory solutions that are fast, power efficient and easily scalable.

Micron's New Ruggedized Storage Solution for Industrial IoT Applications

Micron, a globally recognized memory and storage solution provider, is collaborating with Lake Constance-based controller partner, Hyperstone, to design leading-edge memory solutions for use in rugged environments like telecoms, networking, and industrial IoT. 

In a recent international event, Micron and Hyperstone unveiled the new embedded USB (eU500), a next-generation storage device that integrates features specifically designed for the most demanding industrial ecosystems. 

The new Flash eU500 incorporates Hyperstone's hyReliability firmware and hyMap Flash translation layer, which significantly enhances data retention capabilities and endurance with cutting-edge features like power failsafe. In addition, Hyperstone's proprietary Dynamic Data Refresh and Read Disturb Management enable optimized data retention and refresh data that are subject to read disturbances.

The highly reliable and rugged Flash eU500 memory storage solution for the industrial IOT market is driving the smart factory movement. The industry-leading Flash memory is now available through Micron's worldwide distribution partners in densities varying from 4GB up to 32GB.

Micron Memory Advantages in Industrial IoT Applications

Embedded memory products for Industrial IoT applications require a completely different set of consideration to deliver high performance and superior reliability. Micron, a world leader in innovative memory products, puts in its years of experience in designing memory and storage solutions that are ideal for rugged industrial deployments. Customers, by partnering with Micron, can leverage the following advantages.     

Broadest Portfolio - Micron's broad portfolio of memory and storage products featuring the latest technologies offer a wide range of options in different densities and form factors.

Global Collaboration - Application-specific optimization experience through comprehensive product and use case collaboration with global partners help customers accelerate the time to market.

Ruggedized Industrial Memory - Micron's memory solutions, specifically developed for industrial IoT, enable consistent performance in extremely demanding conditions.

Extensive Quality Testing - Rigid testing increases memory endurance and provides high reliability that meets and exceeds product lifecycle requirements. Thorough QA testing helps in delivering high-quality memory solutions that are ideal for IIoT applications.

Superior Product Longevity - Micron's unique Product Longevity Program, eligible for specific memory products, extends the standard product lifecycle support.

Micron, backed by more than 35 years of experience, designs the world's most innovative memory technologies for enterprise storage, consumer, embedded, computing, mobile, automotive, and data center applications.

The premium memory and storage solutions, delivered through global brands like Micron, Crucial®, Lexar®, and Ballistix®, are truly transforming the way modern businesses make use of information.