Micron Enhances NVMe Storage Speed, Performance and Value with All-Flash Ceph Reference Architecture

By Floyd GoodrichJune 20, 2017

Micron Technology, Inc., a world leader in advanced semiconductor systems and innovative storage solutions, at this year's OpenStack Summit announced the high-performance, all-flash Ceph storage reference architecture that leverages the rack-space efficiency of Supermicro 1U Ultra SuperServer, the Exabyte scalability of Red Hat Ceph Storage, and the blazing speed of Micron NVMe flash PCIe.

The all-flash Ceph storage, a new inclusion in the Micron Accelerated Solutions (MAS) family, is a 4-server node storage cluster that simultaneously supports more than 7,000 ultra-high-definition data streams, hits 1.1M IOPs, and achieves a striking throughput of 21.8 GB/s. Micron's Accelerated Ceph Solutions resolve the demanding needs of enterprise storage users who require the efficient deployment of software-defined storage (SDS) for optimized I/O intensive workloads. 

"Red Hat Ceph Storage is a robust software-defined storage platform that can serve a variety of workloads, but strong performance also depends on the right hardware," said Ranga Rangachari, vice president and general manager, Storage, Red Hat. "This reference architecture offers a solution to customers who need the scale and programmability of Ceph with the performance of all-flash hardware. We believe that this solution can offer customers an optimal storage solution for OpenStack and other use cases."

Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly looking for improved storage options that can leverage simplicity and reduced costs in handling the exponential influx of data. A large amount of this data is usually in the form of complex datasets and unstructured object data. Today's new generation IT environments are no longer willing to put up with the increased cost and complications of sustaining different storage arrays for block and object data. These days, as cloud computing and virtualization are enabling the centralized pooling of storage, more and more users are getting inclined towards agile deployment of applications that are cloud ready and can be easily scaled.

Micron, with Red Hat Ceph Storage, can provide a highly scalable object storage platform that can meet the demands of throughput-intensive as well as IOPS-intensive workloads. Micron's NVMe 4-node Ceph building block is ideal for scale-out, software-defined data centers that have to mix compute and storage to attain high levels of performance. The building block can be implemented to scale the Ceph cluster capacity, or the Ceph cluster performance, or both. 

 "Data center managers seeking a compact, space-efficient 1U rack footprint should be pleased with the performance of this Micron NVMe reference platform on our Supermicro Ultra SuperServer SYS-1028U-TN10RT+, which can support up to 10 NVMe U.2 drives on each platform," said Michael McNerney, general manager, Marketing, and Solutions, at Supermicro. "Our latest SuperServer line delivers unrivaled performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability that are ideal for demanding enterprise workloads."

Micron's all-flash Ceph storage solutions carry the Micron SOLID Ready seal that facilitates the effortless transition to an agile infrastructure by offering tested reference architectures for hyper-scale applications like virtualized workloads, big data environments, OpenStack solutions, and software-defined storage platforms.

You can get more information on Micron's revolutionary all-flash Ceph reference architecture by visiting www.micron.com/accelerated-solutions or you can also contact your WPGA Memory Specialist.