Micron Announces 5100 SSD for the Enterprise

By Floyd GoodrichDecember 20, 2016

UPDATE March 2017: The Micron 5100 SSD Series has been announced as the replacement for the M510DC

Micron, one of the world's leading NAND flash memory producers, has recently lined up their latest enterprise SATA SSD, the 5100-series, packed with 3D TLC NAND. Aimed at servers and data centers, Micron's new enterprise SATA SSDs offer IT managers the power to future-proof their data storage with an ideal fusion of performance, capacity, and enterprise-class reliability. The 5100 SATA SSD series presents a "cost-optimized" solution to IT enterprises, allowing for a realistic upgrade to an all-flash data center.

Prime Characteristics of Micron's 5100 SSD Series

Micron's 5100 series, packed with industry-leading capacities of up to 8TB, offers the required competence to effectively manage the incessant data torrent created in today's digital world. Key features of the 5100 series include -

  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) – Up to 99% improved QoS than the spinning platter media.
  • Unmatched Capacity – The SSD's benchmark setting capacity of 8TB is almost double the storage offered by nearest competitors. Memory solutions are available in a wide variety to meet the diverse requirements of high-end applications.
  • Heightened Application Performance – Ramped up performance with up to 80,000 random  IOPS. The integrated FlexPro™ firmware architecture provides for tunable drive performance and endurance.
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Leverages cutting-edge efficiency and reduced IT costs through server and storage platform integration.

“Micron is uniquely positioned to help IT embrace modernization and agility, and leading enterprise and cloud data centers look to Micron for breadth and depth in solid state storage solutions to tame a diverse digital universe," mentioned Darren Thomas, Micron’s Vice President of Storage. “Our Micron 5100 Series SATA SSDs featuring FlexPro architecture offer a seamless migration path with enterprise-class reliability and proven ROI, ensuring flexibility, continuity, and agility for data management today and tomorrow.”

Available Variants and Application Areas of Micron 5100 SATA SSD Series

The 5100 series, featuring Micron’s top class 3D NAND technology in a compact 2.5″ and M.2 form factor, is marketed in three discrete variants to suit a broad variety of usage environments.

  • The 5100 Eco – Specifically focused on cloud services, the 5100 Eco is optimized for media rich content sharing such as video streaming. Performance standards and endurance are geared up, in order to allow consistent data throughput and information delivery.  The MSRP is in the 0.45/GB to 0.55/GB range.
  • The 5100 Pro – Rightly known as Micron’s workhorse, the 5100 Pro ensures a consistent performance level in latency-sensitive applications. Showcasing unparalleled standards, the pro enhances response times for high workload databases. MSRP is expected in the range of 0.55/GB to 0.65/GB.
  • The 5100 Max – Features excellent flexibility and agility to quickly respond to the unpredictable demands of mission-critical data center computing environments. The MSRP of  5100 Max is in the tune of 0.65/GB to 0.75/GB.

Micron's 5100 SATA SSD series, integrating the FlexPro™ firmware architecture, unleashes the true potential of a storage media. The SSDs enable exceptional flexibility, letting IT managers tune up specific drive features, including data layout, capacity, performance, security, power, endurance, and data clean-up.

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