Micron 9100 PCIe NVMe Collects Accolades, Declared the Best Performing Enterprise Storage Product in the Industry

By WPG AmericasAugust 4, 2016

Ever since Micron Technology, Inc. introduced the 9100 PCIe NVMe to its rich portfolio of storage devices, it has been flooded with positive feedback from every corner of the industry.

Tom’s Hardware, a distinguished online publication group, providing articles, news, and reviews on computer hardware and high technology, congratulated Micron for launching a high-performance product like the 9100 PCIe NVMe at a competitive price point.

Before conferring 9100 with the ‘Editor’s Choice Award’, the top tech publication said, “The 9100 Max gives Micron a truly class-leading SSD and a flexible platform that allows it to address multiple capacity points and form factors. SSD purists will surely be quick to note that the 16nm-powered Micron 9100 Max comes packed with an unfair advantage due to its 40 percent spare area. However, if Micron can deliver its high-performance product at a competitive price point, with adequate endurance and performance (and within a flexible thermal/power envelope), then it really doesn't matter.”

"Almost same is the case with Tweaktown, a prominent technology content provider, trusted by users worldwide. The daily tech news, in its flamboyant report cited, “Micron has been a bit late to throw their hat into the NVMe ring. We can't help but wonder if they were just biding their time, waiting for the right moment to drop a bomb on the competition. Whether or not this is the case we do not know, but our testing clearly shows that the 9100MAX is overall the best performing Enterprise SSD to ever grace our test bench.”

A bit late to the game, but doing it better than anyone else earns the Micron 9100 MAX 2.4TB Enterprise SSD a 98% overall TweakTown rating and the Editor’s Choice Award,” added Jon Coulter, editor Tweaktown.

PC Perspective, a trustworthy publication group for a credible source of computer and tech news, presented Micron 9100 with their “Editor’s Choice Award”. Terming the product as ‘mind-blowing’, the tech mag mentioned, “Micron has certainly knocked our socks off with the performance of their new 9100 MAX Series. With 2.2GB/s writes, 3.2GB/s reads, and a measured 735,000 random 4KB read IOPS, the 9100 MAX can handle random IO faster than the Intel P3700 can go in a straight line! Our new QoS testing showed far lower latency peaks under a PACED load, and that new method of SSD loading was also carried over to our Latency Percentile testing, where the 9100 MAX once again showed its prowess. If you are an enterprise builder after the fastest thing to fuel your next high-powered SAN build, the Micron 9100 Series is absolutely worth a good hard look.”

Going all out, heavily praising the 9100, HotHardware said, “The Micron 9100 MAX 2.4TB drive we tested proved to be a strong performer. Read performance was competitive across the board, and writes were among the best we’ve seen. The drive excelled as queue depths were increased and the compressibility of data being transferred had virtually no impact on performance. 4K random and 8K mixed IOPS were very good and outpaced the Intel DC P3700, and ATTO showed the drive actually surpassing the 3GB/s mark with larger transfer sizes.”

Duly acknowledging Micron’s newest achievement, the leading technology forum declared 9100 as a “HotHardware Recommended” product.

The world’s most dedicated SSD Education and Review Resource, The SSD Review, was also quick to jump in. Joining the bandwagon with another rave review, the enterprise storage analysts said, “The Micron 9100 Series SSDs will let you process your data faster and help consolidate your infrastructure more than ever. With large capacities up to 3.2TB, both HHHL AIC and U.2 form factors, good endurance characteristics, and great performance with a tight QoS, the Micron 9100 Series is a tough competitor to beat.”

“To top it off, it has a great enterprise feature set to ensure your data is safe and protected. Because of that, we award the Micron 9100 MAX our Editor’s Choice award!” editor-founder Les Tokar added.

Wikibon Research CTO and co-founder David Floyer said - “The range of products Micron is announcing today allows enterprises to improve both the performance of existing platforms and to deploy vastly more functional applications that truly exploit flash technologies; all while leveraging any legacy infrastructure organizations have in place.”