Micron 5200 Series: High-Performance SATA SSDs for Business-Critical Workloads

By Floyd GoodrichJuly 6, 2018

Micron® Technology, Inc., a world leader in innovative memory solutions, has recently launched the 5200 series of SATA solid state drives (SSDs) that meets the ever-changing workload demands of today’s businesses through heightened performance, capacity, consistency, reliability, and the overall infrastructure value.  

Developed on Micron’s industry-leading 64-layer 3D NAND technology, the 5200 series of SSDs offer a cost and performance optimized SATA platform for mission-critical virtualized workloads like OLTP, block/object, VDI, BI/DSS, and media streaming that cripple traditional hard disk drives (HDDs).

The 5200 series of enterprise-grade SATA SSDs, leveraging the reliable architecture of Micron’s well-regarded 5100 series, is designed to deliver a cost-effective, speedy, and seamless replacement solution for legacy HDDs and past generation SSDs.

As an enterprise storage solution, the Micron 5200 SSD series instantly enhances data centre efficiency through storage and server platform consolidation, and at the same time, reduces the total cost of ownership by lowering the costs associated with infrastructure maintenance.

Key Features of Micron 5200 Series of Enterprise SATA SSDs

Ultra-High Performance

Micron’s high-performance 5200 series SSDs, engineered for fast IO performance that boosts virtualized applications, offer the best-in-class IOPS random reads of up to 95k, and random writes of up to 33k, leading the industry in both the areas.

The innovative integration of Micron's FlexCapacity feature into the 5200 series, allows data centre managers to easily regulate the SSD’s capacity, performance, and endurance according to mission-critical workload demands.

Unmatched Capacity

Presenting the broadest range of SATA portfolio in the industry, the Micron 5200 series of SSDs offer up to 7.68TB capacities, almost 2X the capacity of other solid-state drives on the market.

Easy-to-Manage SSD Architecture

The 5200 series of SATA SSDs are hot-swappable, which means, the SSDs save both time and money on installations with a fast and easy setup. 

Quality Assurance

Micron’s 5200 series SSDs offer an unprecedented QoS (Outstanding Quality of Service), delivering nearly 99.7% better QoS in comparison to traditional hard disk drives.

Key Specifications of Micron 5200 Series Enterprise SATA SSDs

The 5200 series of SATA SSDs are offered by Micron Technology as the read-intensive 5200 ECO, and the latency-sensitive 5200 PRO variants. The company has recently inducted the next-generation 5200 MAX into its 5200 series of enterprise SATA SSDs.

Capacities, performance, and general specifications of the 5200 ECO and 5200 PRO versions are as follows - 


  • ECO: 480GB | 960GB | 1.92TB | 3.84TB | 7.68TB
  • PRO: 960GB | 1.92TB


5200 ECO

  • Random Read (IOPS): 81K | 95K | 95K | 95K | 95K
  • Random Write (IOPS): 33K | 28K | 22K | 17K | 9.5K
  • Sequential Read (MB/s): 540
  • Sequential Write (MB/s): 385 | 520 | 520 | 520 | 520

5200 PRO

  • Random Read (IOPS): 95K
  • Random Write (IOPS): 32K
  • Sequential Read (MB/s): 540
  • Sequential Write (MB/s):520

General Specifications

  • NAND: Micron 64-Layer 3D TLC
  • Form factor: 2.5in, 7mm
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Encryption: AES 256-bit

The New Micron 5200 MAX

The write-intensive 5200 MAX, built on Micron's leading-edge 64-layer 3D NAND architecture, is specifically engineered for business-critical mixed-use workloads.

The datacentre-specific Micron 5200 MAX, optimized for virtualized, mixed-use applications like VDI for caching, small random block, and OLTP, offers unprecedented performance in terms of random and sequential read/write performances that leave the competition far behind. 

The industry-leading enterprise SATA SSD delivers random and sequential read performances of 93,000 IOPS (4K), and 540MB/s (128K) respectively, with random and sequential write performances of 48,000-74,000 IOPS (4K), and 310-520MB/s (128K). As far as write performance is concerned, the nearest mixed-use enterprise SATA competitor achieves only 45% of MAX’s overall performance.  

The 5200 MAX, a holistic solid-state drive, integrating capacities from 240GB to 1.92TB, leverages Micron’s high-calibre 64-layer 3D NAND foundation, which drives enterprise SATA performances to the next level, meeting and exceeding today's popular customer demands.

Bottom Line

The high-calibre Micron 5200 series of SATA SSDs deliver unparalleled speed, nearly 3X more than an entire rack of 24 10K RPM hard drives. Incorporating top-end features, such as AES encryption, power fails protection, TCG, and an end-to-end data path protection, Micron's 5200 series of SSDs are the best available option on the market today that ensure high-level performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in heavy-workload data centre environments.

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