Micron 5100 MAX SSD: A Revolutionary New Power-Efficient OLTP

By Floyd GoodrichAugust 16, 2017

Online transaction processing (OLTP) is a class of software that can support online transaction-oriented applications on the Internet. Typically, OLTP systems are applied for transaction processing workloads like customer relationship management (CRM), order entry, financial transactions, and retail sales.

State-of-the-art e-commerce and real-time order management platforms usually deploy Microsoft’s SQL Server, the most widely adopted relational database management system worldwide, for data analysis and a host of other OLTP-related workloads. At all times, the system must enable ultra-fast transaction processing capabilities with low and consistent latency, considering that access delays can prove to be extremely costly for these companies.

Storage is a major differentiator when it comes to real-time analysis and speedy processing of Big Data. Compared to legacy HDD configuration, various tests reveal that Solid State Drives (SSDs) offer lower average latency, excellent Order Per Minute (OPM), and more consistent response time while consuming less power per transaction.

The Micron SSD Advantage

Micron, a global leader in memory and semiconductor technology, has introduced the 5100 Series SATA SSD with the industry's highest capacity of up to 8TB and a steady state random writes up to 74,000 IOPS.

The 5100 MAX SSD, a member of Micron's 5100 series, is ideally designed to offer a holistic storage solution to meet the demanding OLTP workloads by enabling superb power efficiency, lower latency, and enhanced performance. 

The cutting-edge 5100 MAX SSD, by leveraging Micron’s revolutionary triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND technology, offers a workload-tailored, cost-optimized platform that presents a far better value than traditional HDD solutions.

More Orders Per Minute

The 5100 MAX offers phenomenal OPM as compared to legacy storage systems. When put to test against a traditional system, the 4x 5100 MAX and 8x 5100 MAX posted 3.8x and 10.7x more OPM than a conventional 15K RPM HDD, which managed to achieve 2,599 Orders Per Minute.

Power/Performance Efficiency of 5100 MAX

Detailed analysis confirms that Micron's 5100 MAX SSDs offer unique power efficiency advantages over legacy HDD configurations. The 4x 5100 MAX and 8x 5100 MAX proved to be 4.7x and 13.5x more power efficient in terms of OPM/watt.

Key Benefits of Micron's 5100 MAX SSD

  • Industry-Leading Capacity - The 5100 MAX offers a variety of memory solutions with up to 8TB of storage in a slim 2.5-inch form factor. This enables seamless consolidation of storage platforms, as well as easy migration from traditional storage.
  • Reliable High Performance - Micron's leading-edge 5100 MAX is optimized for data center workloads with consistent, steady state random writes at 74,000 IOPS.
  • Exceptional Flexibility - The 5100 MAX SSD, integrated with Micron’s proprietary FlexPro™ firmware architecture, actively tweaks the capacity to optimize endurance and drive performance. 
  • Unparalleled Reliability - The 5100 MAX drastically reduces latency and downtime with 99.999% quality of service (QoS).
  • Complete Security - Micron 5100 MAX, with built-in AES-256 bit encryption and TCG Enterprise protection, mitigates security concerns significantly.

Why Micron 5100 MAX SSD?

  • Global NAND Flash Leadership - Micron is a world leader in NAND Flash architecture. The vertically integrated supplier of high-quality memory products has years of expertise that ensures optimized solutions and end-to-end quality.
  • Rigorous Testing - The 5100 MAX SSDs have gone through a series of uncompromising testing processes, which help deliver superior reliability and high-performance output.
  • Start-To-Finish Quality - From component design to fabrication to the finished package, Micron puts in a lot of investments in R&D, SSD test, and advanced NAND management algorithms that enable the 5100 MAX to qualify stringent quality requirements.

Micron's 5100 MAX SSDs are precisely tailored to meet the demands of high volume OLTP applications. The SSDs offer unmatched OPM, more consistent response time, and lower average latency than legacy HDDs. The premium storage device is the best cost-optimized platform available for OLTP-intensive workloads.

For more information about the Micron 5100 MAX SSD, contact WPGA Memory Specialist Dana Slater.