Memory Solutions for Ultra-Fast Web Servers

By WPG AmericasNovember 3, 2016

Amidst an ever increasing data boom, where the internet traffic is expected to reach 133 ZB/month by 2019, achieving the desired speeds has become more critical than ever for web servers. It is now a new challenge for data centers to cope up with the varying needs of internet traffic times while maintaining sustained performance levels.

Samsung, the global leader in superior semiconductors, with its diversified portfolio of high-class enterprise SSDs and server DRAMs has somewhat eliminated the concerns, removing performance bottlenecks with expanded limits for the traditional servers.

Key Specifications of Samsung’s World-Leading Enterprise SSDs

Premium Samsung SSDs are built from indigenous Samsung components that feature the proprietary V-NAND technology. Specially designed for server data storage needs, the SSDs leverage high speed and 24X7 endurance, enabling data-intensive organizations to do more power with less energy.

The SSDs V-NAND technology, stacking 32 cell layers vertically one over the other, helps overcome the inherent limitations of a conventional planar NAND architecture, delivering optimized performance with consistently low latency.

Samsung SSDs, thanks to its tantalum capacitors, are geared for extreme server and data center environments, guaranteeing low power consumption, reinforced durability, enterprise-grade power-loss protection, and a 3-year limited warranty.

Summary of features -

  • Developed for read-intensive enterprise applications with Samsung's proprietary 3-bit MLC V-NAND
  • Designed with strong IOPS consistency for sustained performance
  • Power loss protection ensured by tantalum capacitors
  • High quality of service (QoS) and unmatched low latency

Technical Features of Samsung’s Cutting-Edge Server DRAMs

Samsung's advanced DRAMs allow data centers to handle multiple applications while processing huge data traffic. The server DRAMs, designed to manage large workloads with blazing speed, also offer fast recovery from unexpected crashes.

Samsung’s latest introduction in the DRAM family, the DDR4 RDIMM with 2xnm process technology, provides for initial bandwidth up to 2,400 Mbps, which can be boosted to attain JEDEC-defined bandwidth speeds up to 3,200 Mbps, twice the speed of a DDR3.

The advanced process and package technology of DDR4 enable larger capacity with fewer DRAMs in the server, facilitating design requirements for space constrained applications with visibly reduced costs.

Samsung equips its DDR4 with 8GB chips, doubling the density offered by 4GB DDR3s. The DDR4s, by coupling the 8GB chips with Samsung's innovative TSV RDIMM technology, deliver an outstanding capacity of 128GB.

Samsung server DRAMs, powered by the unique 2xnm TSV technology, consumes less power without compromising the performance of a web server. Low power utilization leads to less heat generation, which leverages the benefits of efficient energy management and lower cooling costs.

The DDR4’s 2xnm technology and low operating voltage of 1.2V help attain 26% higher energy efficiency while the integrated TSV RDIMM cuts down power consumption and heat generation by approximately 28%, making DDR4 an unparalleled storage solution for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Developed entirely from Samsung components, the enterprise SSDs, and server DRAMs leverage best-in-class OEM expertise to meet data center specific business demands. Winning Gold from the IT World Awards for best storage solutions in 2016 endorses Samsung's proven excellence in delivering ultra-fast memory solutions even further.

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