Meet Regional Display Solutions Specialist: John Cronise

By WPG AmericasSeptember 21, 2016

WPG Americas would like to introduce you to John Cronise, Regional Display Solutions Specialist (RDSS) for the West Coast. John supports customers west of the Rocky Mountains with their display and embedded computing application needs.

With a BS in Business Administration from Portland State University in Portland, OR, John has always had an interest and aptitude for electronics, development and design. These interests drove his career and fueled his major background areas of electrical and mechanical engineering, product design, manufacturing and web development, just to name a few.

John’s RDSS position with WPGA have given him the opportunity to support clients on a broad range of products. Daily, John straddles the line between clients and manufactures, providing and maintaining in-depth product knowledge.

“With so many choices on the market today it can be difficult for clients to know all their options and that is where I play a role. When I meet in person with a client, or we receive their inquiries, I focus on their objectives and stated requirements to identify the best display solution for their application,” said John. This process typically requires a detailed conversation, which is where a close working relationship with each client is vital.

With the display industry landscape changing frequently, challenges typically faced by a display specialist include product lifecycle issues, LCD supply shortages and long lead-times, as well as the expectation to live up to consumers expectations. “…I strive to mitigate these for WPG Americas’ clients,” said John.

When asked what he is most looking forward to in the future of the display solutions industry, John replied, “The evolution of the market is going to be very exciting over the next few years. The growth of OLED technology, flexible displays, and decreasing costs per square meter of high resolution LCD glass is going to change the display landscape.”

We will likely see many of these innovations in the next few years. About what’s in store, John added, “I expect to see more displays in more places. The future is as bright as it is beautiful.”