McWong International’s PacWave Series – Sensors and Controls

By Sarah RonkoskeJune 25, 2017

McWong International, Inc., a strategic supplier of high quality lighting control equipment and related electrical components, offers a broad variety of sensors for many application areas. The company’s recently-released Sensors & Controls catalog contains information about their product listings, specs, ordering details and more.

Dimming Occupancy Sensors

The McWong PacWaveTM series of bi-level dimming occupancy sensors’ key feature is the ability to dim lighting loads down to 0% (off), 10%, 25%, or 50% by means of a 0-10V signal. The three basic models include passive infrared (PIR), microwave, and ultrasonic sensors. The PacWaveTM series is also Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled and pairs with an Android or iOS application, allowing you to control and adjust the sensor parameters like time delay, dim level, sensitivity, ambient light level and more.

Wireless Fixture Control Modules

The McWong PacWaveTM Wireless Fixture Controller allows for two channels of 0-10 dimming, temperature and ambient light monitoring, active high relay control and has a general purpose I/O. The unit can also be controlled wirelessly via the PacWaveTM Bluetooth Smart module. The small size of this module allows it to be placed within the fixture.

High Bay PIR Occupancy Sensors

The PacWaveTM series of high bay PIR occupancy sensors are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses and distribution centers, parking garages and assembly areas. This product uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion.

Microwave Occupancy Sensor

McWong’s series of microwave occupancy sensors are designed to be installed lighting fixtures., They are ideal for applications where an exposed PIR sensor/lens would negatively affect the aesthetics or the functionality of the lighting fixture. Application areas include: restrooms, lobbies, hallways, hotels and other areas where aesthetic and decorative elements are key to the design.

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors

Ceiling mount occupancy sensors are designed for indoor applications like break rooms, conference rooms and open offices. The McWong PacWaveTM PSC-ID-x-CM series provides simple on/off control of the lighting. Optimal mounting height is 8-10ft.

Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors

McWong’s PacWaveTM PSC-ID-x-WS series of wall switch occupancy sensors are designed for indoor applications like restrooms, offices and storage rooms with simple on/off control of lighting.

For more information about McWong International’s full Sensors & Controls offering, download their 2017 Sensors & Controls Catalog.