Link Labs Announces IP67 Rated Outdoor Symphony Link™ LoRa™ Gateway

By Rob GrayMay 16, 2016

Link Labs, valued supplier to WPG Americas, Inc., recently introduced its long range 8 channel IP67 Rated Outdoor Symphony Link™ LoRa Gateway, targeted at IoT markets in US and Europe. Designed innovatively in a fully IP67 rugged enclosure, the 8 Channel Outdoor Gateway brought in with the product code LL-BST-8, is ideally suited for connectivity and network coordination for wide area IoT networks.

The 8-channel LL-BST-8 IoT gateway product line, with both indoor and outdoor variants, adds up to strengthen the already comprehensive portfolio of LoRa™ and Symphony Link™, such as low and high power-end node module, repeaters, and handheld network devices for trouble-free range testing of applications and networks.

Modeled for challenging environments like large private networks or on demand public networks, the FCC certified 8-channel gateway currently operates in the 915 (US ISM Band) and 868 MHz (Europe) unlicensed bands. Synchronized with LoRaWAN 1.1 public networks and Link Labs’ Symphony Link™ system for wide area private networking, the LL-BST-8 is capable of supporting 25,000 end nodes from a single installation.

Link Labs IP67 Opens Up Unique Possibilities for IoT Gateway Implementations

Proficient at backing thousands of end notes, the LL-BST-8, decked in an IP67 rated outdoor enclosure, comes with 3 sectorized antennas that facilitates cross polarised feed for improved urban performance. As per current industry standards, the 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway, with upgraded signal to noise ratios (SNR), is an excellent option for deployment in the public telecom carrier market.

The introduction of Link Labs LL-BST-8, brings forth easy long-range communication management, which initiates cost effective solutions for network operators to span across large areas and regions. Empowering operators with a wide range of gateways, base stations and repeater technologies, the devices prove to be a competent choice for licensed or unlicensed deployment from 137 MHz-1020 MHz.

Link lab Incorporates Stunning Features in Its IP67 Rated Outdoor Gateway

Its turnkey design allows rugged outdoor use with enough processing power to allow for future network enhancements. Link Labs’ Conductor platform provides for simple, cloud-based configuration as well as the following features:  

  • 915 MHz
  • Power over Ethernet
  • FCC/IC Certified
  • Data Connection Via Ethernet
  • IP67 Outdoor Enclosure - FULLY SUBMERSIBLE
  • Active Interference Mitigation Algorithm
  • Adaptive Data Rates
  • Over-the-air Firmware Upgrades
  • Symphony Link™ Ready (4x Capacity of LoRaWAN)

Increasing connectivity demands of the Internet of Things, Link Labs hardware and software platforms are designed to provide smart IoT solutions to new networks like asset tracking, environmental monitoring, industrial sensing, smart agriculture, and a varied range of government applications. Arriving in durable batteries that last as long as 7-10 years, the LL-BST-8 outperforms conventional technologies like WiFi or ZigBee, in long range wireless communication.

Speaking about the newly introduced LoRaWAN based products, Bryan Eagle, VP of business development and marketing at Link labs shared - “Link Labs is excited to be bringing these LoRaWAN based products to market and to supporting the European carriers with these products.  It further demonstrates our commitment to the LoRa platform and the standards being developed by the LoRa Alliance.”