LG Innotek's '100mW' UV-C LED: The First of Its Kind

By WPG AmericasJuly 9, 2018

Last November, electronic materials and component manufacturer LG Innotek, a subsidiary of South-Korean multinational electronics company, LG Group, announced the industry's first 100mW UV-C LED. 

UV-C LED, also known as Deep UV, is a component that emits ultraviolet light with short wavelengths ranging between 200 - 280 nanometers, primarily used for hardening and sterilizing devices. The 100mW UV-C LED, developed by LG Innotek, sterilizes and eliminates bacterial DNA with UV emissions in the range of 278 nanometers.

Up until now, the application of traditional UV-C LEDs was mostly limited to small household appliances and portable sterilizers due to their weak UV-C power that emits an ultraviolet light level of 1~2mW. This quality made it very hard for conventional UV-C LEDs to achieve performance and reliability in complex consumer electronics applications.

With LG Innotek's 100mW UV-C LED, an innovation that optimizes ultraviolet light extraction through an epitaxial architecture and vertical chip technology, not only will the scope of application be enhanced, but high performance, superior quality, and exceptional reliability can also be ensured across a multitude of electronic applications.

The pioneering and futuristic 100mW UV-C LED, emitting powerful sterilization ultraviolet light for more than 10,000 hours, speedily sterilizes flowing air and even water, which makes it an ideal replacement for conventional UV-C LEDs in household appliances like air purifiers, water purifiers, and air conditioning systems.

Industry experts have an optimistic view of the market adoption of high-output UV-C LEDs. According to various studies from market research firms, the global UV LED market is forecasted to triple from its current value of $166m to $526m by the end of 2020, with the UV-C segment expected to grow from $28m to $244m; almost 9 times!

LG Innotek is quickly positioning itself to reap the benefits of the exponentially growing UV-C LED global market. The Seoul-based company and worldwide leader in the manufacture of electronic components is currently in talks with many international companies, discussing the scope of various product developments using its revolutionary UV-C LED technology.

LG Innotek believes, as the integration of UV-C LED technology into new products widens, it will increasingly open up new markets for its high-output 100mW UV-C LEDs. According to company sources, the 100mW UV-C LEDs will greatly help in securing LG Innotek's leadership in the UV-C LED market segment, as the unique product is unrivalled in sterilization and removal of bacterial DNA.

The unprecedented 100mW UV-C LEDs, offering cutting-edge solutions in a range of electronic appliances using the UV-C field, is expected to further enhance LG Innotek's market competitiveness, putting the company ahead of its rivals when it comes to improving the performance of products like UV LED sterilizer for escalator handrails and LED modules for sterilizing water purifier faucet aerator.

"We will continue to widen the technological gap with our competitors and introduce innovative products that our customers desire to stay as the leader of the market," a senior representative of LG Innotek said.

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