LEDiL Releases HEKLA Sockets and Solderless Connectors

By WPG AmericasNovember 20, 2017

LEDiL, a leading global manufacturers of LED lenses, reflectors, and optical components — recently announced the launch of HEKLA COB Sockets, with push-in solderless connectors.

LEDiL’s new solderless HEKLA connectors have been designed to produce optimized functionality and best compatibility with all LEDiL products. The easy-to-use innovative design integrates two push-in connectors, which are pre-installed on the connector assembly. These push-in connectors convert the same socket into a solderless connector, providing users the flexibility to choose whether or not to solder the LEDs.

LEDiL’s HEKLA COB Sockets with push-in solderless connectors support a diverse range of COBs from various LED manufacturers, including Cree CXA/ CXB COB products, Sharp, Samsung, Carmen, Winnie, Mirella-G2, Ronda, Ledil Brooke-G2, and Zorya optics.

The low profile, robust, and future-ready design of HEKLA COB Sockets guarantees that uniform pressure is maintained between the heatsink and COBs. The streamlined twist and lock fastening mechanism of the sockets facilitate fast and easy optic installations.

The high-performance HEKLA connectors, made up of extremely durable components that can withstand high temperatures without losing grip, complies with EN 60838-1:2004 + A1:2008 + A2:2011 standard.

Interested customers can visit www.ledil.com/products for a detailed overview of the latest product specifications and ordering codes. Contact a WPG Americas Lighting Specialist for further information and to discuss how you can benefit from a complete solution since HEKLA connectors offer superior compatibility with many of our suppliers.