LEDiL Launches FLORENCE2: Linear Optic Family for Industrial Lighting

By WPG AmericasApril 17, 2018

The typical features of industrial infrastructures—such as expansive spaces, difficult-to-reach ceilings, prolonged operating hours, and cold or hot temperatures—present tremendous challenges for lighting designers. Moreover, keeping the lights on for efficient operations and safety of workers is an important aspect of industrial facilities. Because well-lit infrastructures consume a significant amount of energy, it makes them prohibitively expensive to operate.

The costs tend to further increase when infrastructures use conventional fixtures as their lighting source. Fortunately, due to rapid advancements in lighting technologies, new light sources are increasingly available, which offer energy-efficient replacement solutions for traditional lighting fixtures.

Today, the advent of LEDs is redefining the industrial lighting landscape. LEDs offer customized solutions, extended replacement intervals, improved light distribution, superior color consistency, better optical control, and exceptional visual acuity while significantly reducing waste. This, in turn, saves a considerable amount of energy. No wonder these new energy-efficient light fixtures are phasing out traditional lighting sources.

One of the major factors driving this shift is the arrival of cutting-edge LED products, thanks to industry-leaders like LEDiL. The company is at the forefront of LED product innovations and is a major player in the commercial LED lighting market. Here’s a glimpse into one of their newest offerings — FLORENCE2, a linear optic family for commercial and industrial lighting.

LEDiL Introduces FLORENCE2

FLORENCE2, developed on the success of LEDiL’s previous FLORENCE versions, is an ultra-lightweight 3-row linear optic family specifically designed for commercial and industrial lighting. FLORENCE2 linear optic family, precisely created with low UGR and high efficiency in mind, offers high-class performance in a variety of industrial lighting applications.

Key Features of LEDiL’s FLORENCE2 Linear Optic Family

The state-of-the-art FLORENCE2 linear optic family is compatible with all Zhaga standard 3R PCBs, including the versions that are 2ft-long, enabling the development of highly versatile LED lighting modules that can be easily modified for use in various luminaire fixtures. Some of the key features of this newly launched linear optic family include:

  • 285 x 64.2 mm
  • Lighter and slimmer than original FLORENCE-3R optics
  • Incorporates a wider compatibility than previous FLORENCE versions
  • Ultra-high efficiency
  • Enhanced UGR for superb glare-free experience
  • Provides the scope to develop continuous fixtures without breaks
  • Screw fastening similar to preceding FLORENCE versions

Applications of FLORENCE2 Linear Optic Family

There are three primary reasons that make LEDs an ideal choice for industrial facilities. These are—high efficiency and energy savings, improved light quality, and extended service life. FLORENCE2, with its performance optimizing capabilities and adaptive design, is ideal for illuminating industrial spaces like warehouse aisles, supermarket shelves, gyms, parking garages, and interior architectural lighting.

High Efficiency and Energy Savings - Retrofitting traditional lighting sources with energy-efficient LED solutions can straightaway deliver 60 to 80 percent savings in total energy costs. The savings from LED fixtures are exceedingly substantial mainly because of its superlative design qualities. For instance, fluorescent lightings, commonly used for industrial applications, emit 360-degrees light, which means much of the energy used to generate the light is wasted in lighting the ceiling itself instead of the target space. LED lights, on the other hand, especially the ones that integrate linear optics, emit light at 180 degrees, meaning, it eliminates wastage of energy by fully illuminating the targeted area, instead of lighting up unwanted spaces like the ceiling. This makes LEDs better fixtures for industrial lighting applications. FLORENCE2 linear optics leverage outstanding cost savings, which makes it a perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent products.

Improved Light Quality - The light emitted from LEDs integrating linear optics is more likely to produce improved light quality than conventional lighting fixtures, primarily because LEDs have better Color Rendering Index (CRI) than traditional fluorescent or HPS lights, for which, objects revealed under LEDs look almost the same as it would appear under natural light. However, LED lighting is often blamed for its glare, which is not desirable in an industrial working environment, where excessive amounts of glare can cause headaches and hinder productivity. FLORENCE2 linear optics not only provides superior light quality but also comes with enhanced UGR for glare-free experience.

Extended Service Life - Transforming from conventional high-intensity discharge lamps, such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, to newer, cleaner technology like LED, can dramatically extend the effective service life from four to forty times. Although the initial investment can be slightly on the higher side, still, the extra-long lifespan and near-zero maintenance of LEDs make up for it in the long run.

The entire FLORENCE2 product line is RoHS compliant, and it adheres to all necessary environmental and safety standards.

For more information about LEDiL’s leading linear optic family, please contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist.