LEDiL Introduces 2nd Generation of Self-Sealing Silicone Lenses

By WPG AmericasApril 23, 2018

The global lighting market is going through a transformational phase with LED lighting fixtures replacing traditional light sources, with increased adoption worldwide. According to a report released by research firm McKinsey & Company, the LED lighting market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 30 percent per year to represent nearly 60 percent of the total lighting market by 2020, with an overall market size of $81 billion in revenue.

McKinsey & Company’s projections are backed by rise in adoption as well as emerging use cases of modern LED technologies in an increasing number of lighting applications. LED lights are steadily replacing traditional halogens and compact fluorescent lamps in demanding applications like office lighting, industrial lighting, street and outdoor area lighting, and high-power illumination of sports and concert venues.

However, as LED-based light sources continue to further expand their scope in more challenging application domains that require complicated architecture, high power, and higher lumen density, integration of high-class technology has become more necessary than ever before.

To incorporate advanced features and multiple functionalities that support today’s industry demands, leading LED manufacturers like LEDiL are experimenting with new materials so that lamps, luminaires, and LED modules can be designed innovatively to increase productivity, deliver more impressive outcomes, and support operations at high temperatures.

To facilitate challenging LED-based designs, new materials like moldable silicones are rapidly emerging as a feasible option, which can be efficiently used in solid-state lighting, secondary optics, and other optical components.

Silicone lenses are indeed proving to be a more viable alternative when compared to conventional glass lenses, combining the ability to resist higher temperatures with no optical degradation. Moreover, Silicone lenses, weighing a lot less than glass lenses, also enable the development of high-precision optics in a variety of complex shapes and sizes.

LEDiL’s 2nd Generation STELLA Silicone Optics for Street and Area Lighting

The STELLA family from LEDiL, a worldwide manufacturer of LED lenses, reflectors and optical components, consists of a wide range of self-sealing silicone lenses that allow superior ingress protection from water, dust, and dirt with a rating of up to IP67. All products of this industry-leading self-sealing silicone lenses family are easily compatible with the latest COBs, ensuring adequate power to back-up even the most rugged and demanding applications.

LEDiL’s top-of-the-line STELLA self-sealing silicone lenses family is ideal for diverse lighting applications, ranging from street lighting to wide area lighting, and high bay beams. The self-sealing silicone lenses offer excellent height variety from 11.3 mm to 40.2 mm, and can fit a connector of Ø52 x 6 mm maximum. The asymmetric beams are compatible with up to 23mm LES sizes, while the symmetric ones are well suited for LES sizes up to 30mm.

Key Features of STELLA-G2 - 2nd Generation Silicone Optics for Street and Area Lighting 

Featuring an identical footprint as its predecessor, the STELLA-G2 family of 2nd generation self-sealing silicone lenses offers additional inside space for Zhaga compliant COB connectors. Packaged with more improved features than its previous version, the new STELLA-G2 incorporates exceptional UV and impact resistance, high-class thermal management, and top-notch ingress protection against water, dirt, and dust with ratings up to IP67.

Available in either black or white mounting frame, the STELLA-G2 2nd generation of self-sealing silicone lenses are marketed in two variants, namely, the STELLA-G2-T3, and STELLA-G2-VSM.

Features of STELLA-G2-T3

  • Completely new beam within the STELLA product family.
  • IESNA Type III (medium) beam for streets and roads, equivalent or wider than mounting height.

Optical Properties of STELLA-G2-T3

  • Viewing Angle (FWHM): Asymmetric (simulated)
  • Light Beam Type: Street Lighting
  • Efficiency: 93 percent (simulated)
  • cd/lm: 0.410 (simulated)

Application Areas of STELLA-G2-T3

LEDiL STELLA-G2-T3 is ideal for various street lighting applications.

Features of STELLA-G2-VSM

  • The 2nd generation of STELLA VSM beam, integrates more improved compatibility and light quality
  • IESNA Type V (square) beam for wide area lightings, such as outdoor spaces and car parks
  • Optical Properties of STELLA-G2-VSM
  • Viewing Angle (FWHM): Asymmetric
  • Light Beam Type: Wide Area Lighting
  • Efficiency: 90 percent
  • cd/lm: 0.280

Applications Areas of STELLA-G2-VSM 

LEDiL’s STELLA-G2-VSM is designed for use in outdoor lighting, parking spaces, and car parking lighting systems.

All products within the STELLA-G2 family are RoHS compliant, and they adhere to necessary environmental and safety standards.

For more information about 2nd Gen STELLA products, please contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist.