LEDiL Brings Out New Ø50 mm Adapter for Xicato Modules

By WPG AmericasApril 9, 2018

LEDiL, a worldwide manufacturer of LED lenses, reflectors, and optical components, has announced the launch of its new Ø50 mm adapter for Xicato modules. The newly launched Ø50 mm adapter for Xicato modules with product number C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A is the latest addition to LEDiL’s Konntakt family.

Incorporating a 'round' style, the Base Part type, white in color C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A features a diameter of 50mm and a height of 11.8mm. The Ø50 mm adapter, offering a viewing angle (FWHM) of 0° (simulated), comes with PC holder material and screw fastening options.

LEDiL's Ø50 mm adapter, C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A, for Xicato modules, is packaged in a box, featuring dimensions of 400 x 300 x 300 mm. The box weight of C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A is 5.400000 kg, and both MPQ and MOQ are 100. The MOQ weight is approximately 0.70 kg.

The industry-leading Ø50 mm adapters are compatible with LES 19mm XTM modules, and they can be fitted with ANGELETTE, ANGELINA, and ANGELA reflectors. The best-in-class C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A can be used with RONDA as well when applying HLD-A and LES 9mm modules.

LEDiL highly recommends special attention in precisely designing the thermal architecture of C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A, primarily due to the use of high-power COB applications with this Ø50 mm adapter. However, the company won't be liable for any direct, indirect, or consecutive damages if the Ø50 mm adapter is used outside of its recommended temperature range.

The new C16491_XTM-ADAPTER-50-A is ROHS compliant, and it adheres to all necessary environmental and safety standard requirements. Please visit www.ledil.com/products to know more about the product specifications and ordering codes of this leading-edge Ø50 mm adapter for Xicato modules. You can also get in touch with a WPGA Lighting Specialist for more information.