Lattice's Embedded Vision Development Kit: Mobile-Influenced Applications at the Edge

By Len WegnerAugust 21, 2017

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, a global leader in customizable smart connectivity solutions, announced the launch of its Embedded Vision Development Kit optimized for mobile-influenced applications that require flexible, low power image processing architectures.

The unique solution integrates a mix of Lattice's FPGA, ASSP, and programmable ASSP (pASSP) technologies into a single, modular platform, leveraging the perfect blend of flexibility and efficiency required for a range of embedded vision applications in the consumer, industrial, and automotive market.

The new Embedded Vision Development Kit combines high-resolution HDMI ASSP, ECP5 low-power, CrossLink pASSP mobile bridging device, and a small form factor to offer customers a cutting-edge solution for accelerated development of intelligent, vision-enabled devices at the edge.

The CrossLink input board incorporates dual-camera HD image sensors that support the MIPI CSI-2 interface, completely eliminating the need for any external video sources. The ECP5 base board allows for low-power pre/post processing while the HDMI output board, based on the Sil1136 non-HDCP version, facilitates connectivity to standard HDMI displays.

Lattice Semiconductor's Embedded Vision Development Kit creates an easy development platform and presents a modular design for expandability. The kit integrates ECP5™, CrossLink™, and SiI1136 devices, along with Sony IMX dual-cameras-to-HDMI® bridging. Key features of the Embedded Vision Development Kit include -

  • Easy programming interface via USB with FTDI device
  • ECP5 processor board with pre-loaded HD Image Signal
  • Processing (ISP) IP
  • SiI1136, non-HDCP, output board connects any HDMI display to show results visually
  • CrossLink LIF-MD6000 input board with two Sony IMX214 high-speed MIPI D-PHY interface camera sensors
  • All-inclusive demo system with video sources
  • Includes 0.1” header prototyping

CrossLink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board

The award-winning CrossLink pASSP camera and video bridge form the core of CrossLink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board. The kit, with two built-in MIPI D-PHY interfaces, offers an optimal platform for image sensors, interface conversion, and sensor aggregation.

The Key Features of Crosslink: LIF-MD6000 Master Link Board:

  • Ready-to-use pre-built IPs available in Lattice Diamond software URL
  • Four connectors for interfacing to MIPI D-PHY and high-speed programmable I/Os
  • CrossLink LIF-MD6000 in 81-ball csfBGA package
  • Provides an easy programming interface via USB with FTDI Device
  • Includes 0.1” header board, SMA board and LEDs for interfacing and control

Lattice Semiconductor's Embedded Vision Development Kit is ideal for deployment in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Industry 4.0 implementations, infotainment applications for automotive, virtual reality (VR) systems, industrial display systems for M2M applications, DSLR cameras, robotics, drones, and high-end medical equipment.

Lattice Semiconductor’s Embedded Vision Development Kit is now available! If you’re interested in more info about Lattice products from WPGA, contact us.