Lattice Semiconductor Partners with HelionVision® to Accelerate Embedded Vision Designs with 'Off-the-Shelf' ISP Solution

By Len WegnerDecember 28, 2017

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, a global manufacturer of high-performance programmable logic devices, and a leading provider of customizable smart connectivity solutions powered by low-power FPGA, video ASSP, and 60 GHz millimeter wave, announces its long-term partnership with HelionVision® to expedite prototyping and embedded vision designs with HelionVision®'s off-the-shelf Image Signal Processing (ISP) solutions.

HelionVision®'s free evaluation version of advanced pre-packaged IONOS™ Image Signal Processing solutions, specifically designed for Lattice Semiconductor's cutting-edge Embedded Vision Development Kit, accelerates the IP selection process, simplifies the development of latest applications, and reduces the overall development time and time-to-market.

Lattice Semiconductor's first-of-its-kind Embedded Vision Development Kit addresses the increasing need for quick application developments, and simplicity of connectivity solutions, in the fast-evolving global intelligent systems market.

The new Embedded Vision Development Kit, combining CrossLink™ video bridging FPGA, ECP5™ processing FPGA, and high-resolution HDMI® ASSP into a single, modular platform, expedites system designs through simplified testing and rapid prototyping.

This makes Lattice Semiconductor's Embedded Vision Development Kit ideal for a variety of advanced applications such as augmented reality and machine vision, needed in surround view cameras, smart automotive, Industry 4.0, and intelligent traffic cameras in smart cities.

Now powered by HelionVision®'s pre-packaged IONOS™ Image Signal Processing solutions and design services, which are specially designed for imaging modules, complete camera and display systems, as well as customized camera systems, Lattice Semiconductor's Embedded Vision Development Kit can offer even more value to Lattice customers by leveraging HelionVision®'s industry-leading R&D, expertise and knowledge within the Image Signal Processing and embedded vision design industry.

The key features of HelionVision®'s pre-packaged IONOS™ Image Signal Processing cores are -

  • HelionVision® packages four market-ready Image Signal Processing solutions that are available 'Off-the-Shelf'. The pre-packaged IONOS™ Image Signal Processing solutions cover a wide range of options, starting from entry-level ECO HD-ISP to performance-optimized High Dynamic Range (HDR) HD-ISP, facilitating Full HD at 60fps quality with 32-bit color depth.
  • Each HelionVision® IONOS™ ISP is sensor independent, integrating a high-performance bus architecture that ensures fully user configurable IP cores.

The much-awaited collaboration between the two global tech companies is expected to amalgamate the best-in-class software and hardware solutions, which will facilitate increased innovations and accelerated developments of top-notch embedded vision applications in automotive, drones, robotics, intelligent cameras for smart cities, augmented reality, and Industry 4.0, creating a better, and more connected world. 

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, in conjunction with its long-term partnership announcement with HelionVision®, has decided to offer its new Embedded Vision Development Kit for a special 'limited period' promotional price of $199 USD. Please visit to download the free evaluation version of HelionVision®'s pre-packaged IONOS™ Image Signal Processing solutions. Contact us to learn more about Lattice Semiconductor's leading-edge Embedded Vision Development Kit — now available!