IoT-Based Lighting – Gaining Popularity in Connected Offices

By WPG AmericasMarch 11, 2016

Changing our entire perception about LED lights being just lights, Internet of Things (IoT) controlled LED lighting with sensors tucked in and connected to Internet, is all set to play an integral role in our daily environment.

Since late last year, IoT’s presence in the LED lighting industry is growing even stronger. As the writing gets clearer on the wall and possibilities brighten up, more lighting industry players than ever are throwing their hats into the IoT arena. Besides, many big brands and multinationals are opting to utilize IoT-based LED lighting in their offices.

GE's Power Play

Making big news and taking bigger leaps right through the future of LED lighting, is 'Current'. The digital power services powered by GE, aims to create intelligent environments that transform the way we use energy. Planning the installation of intelligent LED lighting across 500 branches of J.P. Morgan Chase, GE topped the technology news with this report. As claimed by GE'S digital power services Current, IoT based LED lighting at branches of J.P. Morgan Chase will not only reduce the company's energy cost by 50%, it will also save energy usage that is almost equivalent to taking out 27000 cars off the road.

Current, through IoT linked power solutions, expects to pass on direct benefits to the networked users of its intelligent lighting environments. The goal of Current, in creating intelligent environments, is based on a single point agenda that empowers the end-user to make real-time decisions in reducing energy costs and usage.

As the network of connected lighting evolve and expand, GE teams up with the Intel® IoT platform that specializes in tackling large and evolving data loads generating out of highly innovative technological advancements like the sensor based smart cities. Hooking up with AT&T and ShotSpotter, to develop high performance intelligent environment, GE also plans an intended agreement with Capgemini to engage 200 developers on its Predix software. The primary purpose of the Predix software will be to provide software solutions to Current's commercial and industrial customers, on networked and sensor based intelligent environments.

Parking Trust in IoT

Creating magic with IoT, connected LED lighting is gradually changing our perception of looking at things. Unique realities that seems like science fiction, are evolving out of the connected environment. Such is the story of Simon property group, a property management company, working along with Acuity Brands, on a sensor based LED lighting project at Lenox Square in Atlanta and Florida Mall in Orlando.

Simon property group is planning to plant sensors in the existing Acuity Brands LED lighting fixtures, fitted in the parking lot of both the malls. The sensor data will not only transmit the parking density via WiFi on a digital platform, it will also feed the property management group with vehicle count and available space, enabling the company to monitor and manage parking traffic more efficiently.

Better Profitability Brightens the Environment for Network Based Lighting

Sensing huge business opportunities, in the vastly unexplored IoT based lighting markets, investors and bankers are lining up to fund startups like Enlighted. Banking big on intelligent lighting environments, Enlighted is in the last stage of finalizing strategic tie ups with multinationals for installation of IoT based digitally connected lighting system, at their offices and branches. As published in a report, Square 1 Bank pumped up the credit line of Enlighted, which also raised $25 million in Series D funding.

Behind the Scenes

The glowing business of IoT based networked lighting, extends far beyond the direct implementation and application of the technology. Software developer amBX has come up with an innovative software, the SmartCore, intended to create the perfect lighting environment using five different sensor types. The SmartCore software picks up sensor data that determine the room occupancy, daylight harvesting, color temperature, air quality, and room humidity. Controlled by sensory determined data, SmartCore's calculated lighting, consumes less energy and delivers high performance.

Merging essential components of the IoT based connected buildings, SmartCore responds to both user control interface and ambient lighting conditions. The SmartCore from amBX, which plays an integral role in Cisco Digital Ceiling Framework, enables users to control different color temperature requirements for different lighting scenes, like meetings, presentations and parties, from the user interface on a tablet.

Brightest Environment for the LED Lighting Industry

From defense to healthcare, real estate and logistics, the rapidly growing IoT market is turning out to be a unique platform for both enterprise earnings and customer savings. After investing decades of research on LED lighting, for savings related to energy usage, now is the time to shift the focus of attention to connected LED lighting applications.

Technology giants like GE, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Philips are pumping in big money on R&D, to come up with more efficient sensor data management solutions on IoT based LED lighting environment. Considering the huge savings potential and the productivity of data sharing on connected lighting networks, offices and buildings are expected to be the first large scale adopters of the IoT based lighting applications.