Introducing Vishay’s Commercial Version of Automotive-Grade IHLE Integrated E-Shield Inductor

By WPG AmericasFebruary 19, 2017

Vishay recently announced a commercial version of their popular Automotive-Grade IHLE series of low-profile, high current inductors with integrated e-shields for EMI radiation.

This series of inductors contain the electric field associated with EMI in a tin-plated copper integrated shield. This inclusion eliminates the need for expensive broad-level Faraday shielding to lower EMI, reducing costs and saving board space.

Additional features of the IHLE Inductors include:

  • High temperature, continuous operation to +155°C
  • Coplanarity of their four terminals within ≤ 100 µm
  • Built on Vishay Dale IHLP® technology
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of inductance values
  • Handle high transient current spikes without saturation

Application Areas

  • Energy storage in DC/DC converters and high current filtering
  • Notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers
  • High current point-of-load converters
  • Graphics cards
  • DC/DC converters for distributed power systems and FPGAs
  • Telecom infrastructure

Vishay’s IHLE Integrated E-Shield Inductors are halogen-free and Vishay Green. For more information about Vishay’s IHLE inductors, contact a WPGA Specialist today and download the Product Brief.