How to Integrate Cloud Services Into Your Kinoma Development

By Rob GraySeptember 29, 2016

Marvell, a global industry leader in IoT applications, in-home content delivery, cloud infrastructure, and digital entertainment, introduces the world’s first highly-integrated and scalable cloud solution for the mobile internet and Internet of Things, the Smart Home Cloud.

Running on Marvell's next- generation software for cloud services, Kinoma, the Smart Home Cloud dishes out an incredible array of functionalities like home automation and networking, digital entertainment, secure storage, and the smart server.

So What's Under the Hood of Marvell's Smart Home Cloud?

Marvell's Smart Home Cloud Center, the world's only customizable turnkey reference platform, offers a bouquet of features which enables OEMs, cloud service providers, and telecom carriers cater their customers' a single-window solution to store multimedia, access digital entertainment, or manage their network connectivity through a unique integrated device. 

Powered by Marvell’s cutting-edge ARM system-on-chips (SoCs) at core, the Home Cloud Center integrates hardware, and software solution to seamlessly connect smart home devices with enhanced security and accessibility features like 'in-home' and 'out-home'.

The Smart Home Cloud Center is an innovative blend of multiple Marvell products and technologies, which leverage total control of smart home devices like LED lighting, Smart TV, security systems, and smart meters via an IoT connected smartphone.

Marvell's advanced IoT platform, in addition, also renders  superior functionalities like remote access and cloud integration, helping users access and share multimedia content over multiple Smart Home Cloud Center devices.

Key Features of the Smart Home Cloud Center Include:

  • Seamlessly supports all traditional home router functions as well as deep packet inspection (DPI), personal firewall and security, policy based traffic management, ad blocking and proxy services.
  • Express download of gaming and mobile apps.
  • Home automation management abilities, such as video surveillance/recording, energy consumption monitoring, and LED lighting control.
  • Integrated cloud services covering areas like mobile device access via APP, in-home and out-of-home accessibility, unified smartphone/tablet/PC UI, home NAS and cloud storage sync, cloud storage extension, home NAS (Raid 0/1), and pre-download of Internet content.
  • Superior digital entertainment features, which include OTT STB direct attach, video content transcoding, and home streaming server.
  • Extension for Android OS, comprehensive application management, secure data partitioning between applications, and easy integration with web services.
  • A variety of wireless user-interface including Zigbee, Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and NFC.
  • Video monitoring capabilities alongside home surveillance, recording, and playback.
  • Easy content sharing among geographically separated Smart Home Cloud Center devices.

Industry Implications and Market Segments for Marvell's Smart Home Cloud Center

Flexible and readily customizable, the rich features of Marvell's Smart Home Cloud Center can be tailored at ease based on an operator’s or device vendor’s specific requirements. The platform can be broadly categorized into three market segments:

  • Cloud Service Market: Smart Home Cloud Center heightens the mobile internet user experience of home cloud services.
  • Carrier Market: Smart Home Cloud Gateway is all set to displace the existent home gateways deployed by most major carriers worldwide.
  • Smart IoT Gateway: Analyzes local sensor information, and performs local analytics, before transferring data to the cloud.

Marvell understands the increasing impact of environmental hazards in our society. All Marvell products are packaged securely, meeting all necessary safety requirements. 

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