Horticultural Lighting Conference 2017 to Kick Off in Denver This October

By WPG AmericasSeptember 26, 2017

The second annual Horticultural Lighting Conference visits Denver, Colorado next month to explore the various uses of horticultural lighting in the North American manufacturer and grower markets.

This year's conference, to be held on October 17, will host eminent researchers, scientists, and experts from the horticulture industry, while leading LED manufacturers and solution providers like WPG Americas’ suppliers CREE, NMB Technologies, LEDil, Artesyn and ERP Power will also be part of the one-day event.

The Horticultural Lighting Conference, presented by PennWell Corporation, in association with PennWell LED & Lighting Network, will promote the convergence of ideas from both the fields, as well as focus on the latest trends and technologies that are driving the advancement of LED lighting in the horticulture sector.

A Glimpse into the Program Highlights of the Event

*Horticulture LED Fundamentals by Kurt Liepmann

It is a known fact that LED technologies present numerous advantages over traditional lighting in horticulture applications. However, in order to optimally utilize the benefits of this innovative lighting technology, it is crucial to take into account the different performance attributes of LEDs.

The presentation on LED Fundamentals, by Application Engineer, Kurt Liepmann, will dive deeper into the characteristics of LEDs used in horticulture applications. The discussion will cover issues like efficacy ranges and photon flux, LED characterization, binning, and the performance curves for varying colors and wavelengths.

*Capturing Sun Patterns and Using Software Tools for Horticultural Lighting by Ian Ashdown

Horticultural lighting presents unique challenges for LED lighting designers. This is mainly because of the lack of advanced software, which, if deployed, can efficiently manage the task of designing various lighting schemes for vertical farms and greenhouses.

The advent of new technologies and algorithms, is, however, dramatically changing the dynamics. These algorithms can now perform complex daylighting calculations, including bidirectional transmittance distribution functions (BTDFs), which was not possible earlier.

The presentation by Ian Ashdown on Capturing Sun Patterns and Using Software Tools for Horticultural Lighting will demonstrate the use of software tools, expressly designed for LED horticultural lighting applications.

*Digital Horticulture – LED lighting Delivering Value Beyond PPF and Controls by Jeff Bisberg

Today, disruptive technologies are increasingly infusing digital capabilities into traditional computing models, which is enabling accelerated designing and development of innovative LED fixtures that improve the outcomes of horticulture produce.

Jeff Bisberg's presentation on Digital Horticulture will primarily focus on the application of digital technologies, and the use of analytics, to empower growers with data-driven insights that facilitate accurate decisions.

Benefits of Attending the Horticultural Lighting Conference 2017

PennWell LED & Lighting Network provides a 360-degree perspective of the latest technologies, innovations, and solutions driving the global LED market. By attending the Horticultural Lighting Conference 2017 you can:

  • Gain key insights on the trending technologies that enable round the year crop production.
  • Get solutions from industry leaders to overcome business challenges and market entry.
  • Develop a strong network with frontline researchers, thought leaders, idea generators, and innovators of the LED industry.
  • Access the latest technologies and the newest products transforming horticultural lighting applications.

Last year's Horticultural Lighting Conference, which hosted horticulture experts and industry-leaders from around the LED world, was a thunderous success, and this year will be no different.

The 2nd Annual Horticultural Lighting Conference USA is scheduled for October 17, 2017 at the Denver Marriott City Center in Denver, Colorado. There is still time to register to attend! 

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