GAGGIONE Releases LLH66 Ecosystem for LLC66 Silicone Collimators

By WPG AmericasMay 17, 2018

GAGGIONE is a premium global manufacturer of high-quality secondary optics, known worldwide for both standard and custom OEM optics in plastic and silicone. Some of their key products include integrated optical systems, Fresnel lenses, reflectors, and top-class collimators. 

The company has recently introduced an extensive ecosystem for its LLC66x7 67mm silicone collimator range. The integration ecosystem, named LLH66, is designed to provide easy and fast integration solution for its LLC66 silicone collimators, while offering complete flexibility on source and COB choices.

Features of LLH66 Ecosystem

The LLH66 Ecosystem tightly integrates GAGGIONE’s popular LLC66 silicone collimator product family with various COB interfaces through five different base options. Using the LLH66, more than 160 COBs can be combined with GAGGIONE’s industry-leading LLC66 collimators. The product increases the compatibility and interoperability of LLC66 silicone collimators with a variety of COB interfaces, including the trending Dim-to-Warm / Tunable White COBs. This optimizes the design efficiency and enhances the production reactivity greatly.

The LLH66 comes in two color options and supports unparalleled beam quality and control. Check out our Supplier Takeover video to see it now!

LLC66 Collimators

As an expansion of GAGGIONE’s LEDnLIGHT® product portfolio of optical collimators, LLC66 is designed to address the latest demands and performance challenges in solid-state lighting that conventional optical products fail to meet. The high-grade optical collimators are ideal for chip-on-board (COB), high-brightness LED architectures, and other lighting applications.

Unmatched Quality of High-Caliber LLC66 Collimators

GAGGIONE’s LLC66 silicone collimator product family leverages the company’s deep-seated experience, expertise, and precision manufacturing capabilities to create a tight, controlled beam. Better than any collimator product available on the market, GAGGIONE’s LLC66 silicone collimators comprehensively fulfil the demands of high-end light fixtures.

GAGGIONE’s innovative research and development enables increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its products. The entire product line goes through stringent manufacturing and assembly, which ensures high quality, accuracy, and performance. This is why GAGGIONE is the first choice of leading companies and professional designers.

All GAGGIONE products, including LLH66 ecosystem and LLC66 collimators, adhere to required safety and environmental standards.

To learn more about the newly launched LLH66 Ecosystem, please get in touch with a WPG Americas Lighting Specialist today!