GAGGIONE Adds New Product to 45-mm Diameter Color Mixing Collimator Range

By WPG AmericasNovember 27, 2017

GAGGIONE — global manufacturer and designer of optical components, cases, luxury packaging, and technical trim parts — has announced the addition of the LLC59x to its 45-mm diameter ultra-high brightness color mixing collimator portfolio.

An optical collimator is a system for generating a beam of waves or particles, in which the trails of all the waves or particles are in parallel. More precisely, a collimator is a device that projects parallel rays of light, serving as the receiving lens or telescope of a spectroscope.

The LLC59x, based on GAGGIONE's patented technology, is a part of the 45-mm diameter color mixing LLC59 collimator range, which comprises of LLC59U, LLC59N, and LLC59C with various beam angles optimized for state-of-the-art color mixing capabilities.

Key Features of GAGGIONE's LLC59 Range of 45-mm Diameter Ultra-High Brightness Color Mixing Collimator

The Ultra-Narrow Beam LLC59U

The LLC59U ultra-narrow beam collimator is the narrowest 45-mm collimator available on the market. The industry-leading device, featuring extreme beam consistency and cut-off, is capable of producing an extra-sharp beam of 4° FWHM with 1 mm² LES.

LLC59U - the first collimator to take advantage of GAGGIONE's new proprietary holographic authentication technology - provides exceptional color mixing, but at the same time, also works well with high-power white LEDs that require ultra-narrow form factor. 

The Narrow Beam LLC59N

Specifically designed for Stage lighting / Entertainment applications, the narrow beam LLC59N collimator provides an excellent compromise between beam angle and color mixing capabilities. The cutting-edge device is an ultimate choice when it comes to dealing with color mixing capabilities and sharp beam requirements.

The “Color” Narrow Beam LLC59C

The LLC59C “color” narrow beam collimator is ideal for applications that require a less than 10° narrow beam without compromise on color mixing quality. The LLC59C, perfectly suited for the most demanding architectural/interior wall glazing applications, is the best collimator device in its class.

“Designed to match most demanding RGBW or human-centric light applications, it also provides a significant breakthrough with single or multi-chip white LEDs,” said a GAGGIONE official. “Combined with quad chip white LEDs, it eliminates the cross-hair effect usually associated with narrow beams.”

Prime Applications of Optical Collimators

An optical collimator is usually used as an equipment for measurement, testing, and calibration. The implementation of optical collimators for calibrating various optical devices permits users to test whether all elements are properly aligned on the optical axis. It also allows users to align multiple devices, such as binoculars, enabling the setting of components at proper focus. These unique qualities of optical collimators pave the way for its deployment in training devices, for instance, flight simulators.

LED Compatibility of GAGGIONE's LLC59 Range of Ultra-High Brightness Color Mixing Collimator

The LLC59 range, with its wide 10-mm diameter input port, ensures seamless compatibility with a variety of multi-color solutions, including multiple single-chip clusters and multi-chip LEDs. GAGGIONE's LLC59 range can also be an excellent choice for multi-chip white LEDs, as its superior color mixing feature ensures outstanding beam consistency.

For product inquiries and more information about GAGGIONE’s range of color mixing collimators, please contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist.