Front End AC-DC Power Supply PFE1300-48-054NA Target Wide Range of Network Applications

By Rob GrayMay 18, 2016

Recognized as a world leader in energy efficient power management devices, Bel ( recently expanded its Bel Power product line of front end AC-DC power supply, by introducing the first-of-its-kind Climate Saver Initiative through its platinum-level efficiency front ends. A world leader in high efficiency power supplies, Bel is one of the largest producer of premium AC-DC and DC-DC power converters for network power, across a wide spectrum of industries including like networking, telecommunications, computing, military and aerospace, transportation and broadcasting.

Named as PFE1300-48-054NA, Bel’s newly launched Platinum-level series is designed to deliver high level power efficient solutions for diversified telecom and networking applications. The company published a press release, announcing the launch in April, 2016.

Salient Features of Bel’s Platinum Level PFE1300-48-054NA Front End AC/DC Power Supply

Bel’s Platinum-level front-end AC-DC power solutions is modeled to convert standard AC mains power into a main output of 48 VDC. With an output power of 1300 Watt, the High-Efficiency PFE1300-48-054NA, is ideally suited for powering intermediate bus architectures (IBA) in high performance and reliability servers, routers, and network switches. Delivering a power density of 30.25 W/inch3, the PFE1300-48-054NA, packed in compactly packages measuring 54.5 x 40.0 x 321.5 mm, materializes 94% Platinum efficiency at 50% load.

Coexistent with synchronous rectification, the PFC stage of PFE1300-48-054NA ensures reduced component stresses, by providing increased system reliability and very high efficiency, by using soft switching resonant techniques in the DC-DC stage. The device is also unique for its Platinum-Level efficiency and unity power factor operating in the range of 90 – 264 VAC.

Ideal for powering external power distribution and management controllers, the PFE1300-48-054NA unit delivers an always-on 16 Watt programmable standby output, with selectable voltage level 3.3 / 5.0 Volts. Over and above, the device renders hot swappable power supply solutions, while connected parallelly with active digital current sharing, with guaranteed no reverse load current. Fan cooled with adjustable speeds, varying on the actual power demand and supply temperature, the PFE1300-48-054NA power system perfectly designed for integration with matching airflow paths.

Status Display in Front-Panel LEDs of PFE1300-48-054NA

The front-panel LEDs in PFE1300-48-054NA, provides multiple status information for operations such as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature are standard. The device, which features system communications via I2C/PMBus™ protocol, permits seamless control by enabling full-monitoring of factors like input and output voltage, current, power and inside temperatures, though it digital display.

Prime Factors Facilitating Bel Power's Evolution into a Tier-One Supplier

Bel’s transformation as a global leader in power supply solutions, is significantly orchestrated by its cutting-edge technological advancements and relentless customer engaging marketing strategies. Some key highlights of process that consequently resulted in the company’s phenomenal growth, are listed below –

  • Ensuring global customer support system with strategically-located manufacturing and R&D facilities.
  • Reliable and innovative R&D to provide ground-breaking benchmark solutions, such as digital power management technologies.
  • Continuous facilitation and upgrade of customer engaging programs, for sustainable growth through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Meeting the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN55022-A, the RoHS compliant and CE marked Platinum Level Front End AC-DC Power Supplies from Bel are also certified for safety as per UL/CSA 60950-1.