FLEx Lighting: Re-Inventing Display Illumination

By Mike PecoraroSeptember 17, 2017

Imagine ultra-thin plastic being turned into a powerful light source for your smartphone’s display or light fixtures in your home. That’s exactly the kind of technology FLEx Lighting — a global leader in innovative lighting solutions — has developed. The company recently introduced its new product line of commercial front light panels for use with reflective displays including e-paper and reflective LCDs.

The revolutionary front light panels use the "light guide" technology, which is a common method for lighting electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, television etc. However, FLEx’s light guide is unique since it leverages over 100x the energy savings compared to backlights, and is about 10 to 20X thinner than the light guides that are currently available. To put it simply, FLEx has redefined the "light guide" technology.

Today, FLEx's front light panels present the most innovative lighting solution in the display marketplace that makes use of the reflective nature of the display to offer significant energy savings using a single LED. FLEx's thin film lighting features all the advantages of traditional LED lighting, but packs in more punch.

The cutting-edge front light panel optical film — precisely designed for seamless integration with the front surface of reflective displays — delivers superb on-demand lighting in low ambient light conditions. The product line is presented in an ultra-thin form factor to enable its smooth deployment in space-critical applications. The super-thin front light panels decrease the thickness of end-products and facilitate the development of flexible, edgeless displays. 

Key Advantages of FLEx's Innovative Front Light Panel

FLEx's front light panel offers benefits of not only traditional LED technology but goes even beyond that to deliver a host of additional performance-enhancing features. Unlike other LED lighting methods, it delivers an invisible and distortion free film that completely eliminates the requirement of sizable materials used in direct lighting or the hot spotting of edge lighting.

The front light panels are being marketed in a streamlined package that also supports flexible form factor for tomorrow's flexi-displays. The leading-edge panels help advancements in bezel-free designs through a 50µm optical film, offering exceptional optical clarity and excellent power savings.

Other prime performance advantages of FLEx's front light panels include the following:

  • Unmatched Energy Efficiency: FLEx’s light guide film offers unprecedented energy-efficient display lighting solutions that enable long battery lifetimes for portable device applications.
  • Ultra-Thin Film: FLEx’s light guide film is as thin as 50 microns, but it integrates seamlessly with the most common LEDs available in the market.
  • Superior RGB Color-Mixing: The premium front light panels evenly distributes and color-mixes the LED light before directing it into the display area. This unique RGB Color-mixing process delivers more vivid colors while allowing for outstanding color tuning.
  • Flexible Architecture: The front light panels, created out of thin plastic, provides a flexible architecture that maintains uniform lighting even when the panel is folded or rolled, promoting the development of futuristic flexible displays. 
  • Edgeless: FLEx’s proprietary light mixing region can be curved away from the edge. This eliminates the requirement for a frame to cover the hot spots of traditional edge lighting. FLEx’s edgeless light guide is making bezel-free designs a reality.

“The unique challenge of front lighting is that you are placing a light source directly between the viewer and the display so any bulky piece of plastic will hide the beautiful display under it,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting.  “FLEx’s front light panel is an optical film no thicker than the top polarizer of the display so it's imperceptible to the user.  This solution finally enables reflective LCDs to reach their full potential as the most optimal display solution for battery conscious applications.”

FLEx's initial product line-up includes front light panels that can easily integrate with Sharp Memory LCDs 1.26″, 1.28″, 1.33″ color, 2.7″, 3.2″ and 4.4”, e-paper displays from Pervasive Display, E-Ink ranging from 1.44″ to 3.2″, and JDI reflective LCDs 1.28″ color, 1.34″ color, 1.39″ color, 2.7″ color, and 4.4” color.

The advanced front light panels are optically affixed to the above displays and can be offered as a fully- integrated solution to customers who are looking for high-class display clarity with lowest power consumption. To learn more about the state-of-the-art front light panels, contact FLEx Lighting for quotes, samples, and additional product queries.