Flash Memory Summit 2017 a Resounding Success

By Floyd GoodrichOctober 5, 2017

The Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2017, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center last month, witnessed the largest assemblage of hardware and software designers, storage specialists, data center/network managers, communications engineers, embedded system designers, VARs, OEMs, system integrators, solution providers, marketing consultants, and financial analysts.

Attendees of Flash Memory Summit 2017 also comprised of companies specializing in consumer electronics, communications, computers, industrial and process control, test equipment, instrumentation, and defence systems, who attended the show to learn about the emerging flash memory trends, new developments, and applications.

Touted as the ‘biggest Flash Memory show’ on the planet, the three-day event had an interesting schedule packed with panel sessions, meetings, keynotes, discussions, live demonstrations, and new launches of memory products. Seminars and demonstrations at Flash Memory Summit 2017 were mainly focused on the latest and the fastest storage solutions that are rapidly transforming the computing environment.

Products and solutions that attracted significant interest included 3D NAND and NVMe technologies, Solid State Drives (SSDs), NV-DIMM, flash chips, flash controllers, flash-based storage systems, NVMe over Fabrics, and all-flash disk arrays to name a few. And, one of the key memory companies to present at the show was Micron.

Micron Technology at Flash Memory Summit 2017

Micron Technology, a world leader in innovative memory and storage solutions, has been a premier sponsor of the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) since its inception. This year, Micron had a power-packed scheduled lined up at the FMS.

In their keynote address titled “New Silicon Breakthroughs Help Next Generation Data Centers Meet Key Challenges,” Micron Vice Presidents, Currie Munce and Eric Endebrock discussed various ways to increase efficiency with flash technology, including enhanced interface utilization, Silicon-to-Systems, and software optimization.

Micron VIP Reception at the Flash Memory Summit

Micron’s senior leadership organized a lively reception at FMS on August 8, 7:00 p.m. onwards, which provided a platform for convergence of ideas over food, drinks, music, and more.

As a part of the “Micron Analyst Power Hour Breakfast,” several attendees joined Micron executives Scott DeBoer, Darren Thomas, Currie Munce, and Steve Pawlowski for a deep discussion on Silicon-to-Systems, its impact on the industry, and how it will deliver exceptional value to enterprises. 

In “Micron Whisper Demo Room,” enterprises from diverse fields experienced the latest technology innovations from Micron, including high-performance SSDs for Cloud applications and Hyperscale, SolidScale Platform Architecture, and hacking prevention technology.

Attendees of Flash Memory Summit 2017 got an inside scoop on emerging memory technologies like 3D NAND flash, 3D XPoint™, persistent memory, NVMe, NVMe over fabrics, and the next big breakthroughs in flash, namely, RRAM and MRAM.  

The Flash Memory Summit, the world’s largest event featuring the latest innovations, trends, and influencers driving the multi-billion dollar SSD and non-volatile memory market, drew over 100 exhibitors and 6,200 registrants in 2017 — an all-time high — up by 6% over 2016.

The overwhelming enthusiasm of registrants and exhibitors is keeping the summit right on track, and this coupled with the increase in adoption of flash storage will hopefully see the event garnering even more success in years to come.