ERP Announces Next Generation of LED Drivers for Outdoor Lighting

By Sarah RonkoskeJanuary 22, 2017

ERP Power LLC (ERP), a leading supplier of superior drivers for the lighting industry, introduced the next generation of LED drivers for outdoor lighting fixtures that are one-fifth smaller than other drivers in the same capacity range.

ERP's energy efficient LED drivers can be flexibly programmed for implementation in a variety of constant current applications with both wired and wireless deployments in areas like flood lights, tunnels, parking garage, roadway, and other outdoor lighting environments.

A single ERP driver, in typical street lighting applications, can serve as a replacement for two drivers, requiring 60% less space at relatively half the cost. 

“ERP is helping accelerate what’s happening in power control and affordable management for street lights, outdoor lighting, industrial and commercial complexes,” said Michael Archer, CEO of ERP Power.  “LED drivers are the natural place to embed intelligence for lighting controls as they are able to communicate fixture status, measure power consumption, optimize energy savings and ensure ambiance.  Beyond lighting— ERP drivers can also integrate with a variety of sensors—acting as a backbone for access to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We call it the Internet of Lights.”

Programmable Output Specifications for ERP's Next-generation of LED Drivers

The high-efficiency next-generation LED drivers are fully programmable including current, Voltage, Slew rates, delays and minimum dimming set points. The product is available from 150W – 260W and has support for Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4, Dali and DMX. 

The driver's programmable power output enables the deployment of a single driver in numerous lighting fixtures, helping customers lower their inventory costs across the supply chain. Programmable currents range from 430 mA to 1700 mA, while the programmable voltages are from 100 Vdc to 400 Vdc.

The LED drivers also feature a configurable auxiliary constant voltage output, which delivers a voltage range of 24V, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V up to 500 mA. The drivers, designed for harsh and rugged conditions, support an outstanding efficiency level of 94% at 50-100% load with a power factor higher than 0.9 and THD less than 20%.

ERP Presents Industry-Leading Wireless Controls Architecture for Led Luminaire Manufacturers

LED luminaire makers, contemplating to comply with Energy Star 2.0 and California Title 24 regulations, can make use of ERP's wireless programmable drivers to speed up their designing efforts for intelligent lighting solutions by at least 12-18 months while saving millions in certification fees and R&D resources. 

ERP Power LLC, integrating the Bluetooth Smart® technology and  CSRmesh® communications, is paving the way for next-generation of wireless controls that offer a secure, plug-and-play architecture in leveraging turnkey solutions of apps and cloud with firmware integrated LED drivers designed to last the test of time.

Additionally, many other wireless controls for ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, or Wi-Fi are also available, besides wired controls support for Lutron, DMX, DALI, and other protocols based on a 0-10V dimming profile.

ERP's next-generation of drivers for outdoor LED lighting fixtures ensure an exceptional combination of compact size, dimmer compatibility, programmable output, and high design quality, backed by 50,000 hours of life cycle at 70° Celsius and a 5-year warranty. 

For more information about the ERP drivers for outdoor lighting, please contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist today.