ERG Launches Smart Force™ SFDZ LED Driver

By Mike PecoraroApril 29, 2016

Endicott Research Group, Inc. - The power behind the LED displays- is a top notch manufacturer of LED back light drivers and onboard /external dimming LED rail replacements. The company has recently released the latest version of LED driver. Popular with the name of Smart Force™ LED Solutions, they have done justice with the latest replacement models of LED (Light Emission Diodes) extensively used in LCD panels which can be used with almost every size of LCD panels.

The SFDZ driver has been proven as the perfect solution for every challenge for the power supplies driving the LED, which generally cannot be met by other single chip ICs available. The IC is required to have a full functionality when it comes to power supply, for the full-fledged and proper working of the LED BLUs. ERG has acquainted with the ERG Smart kits which brings everything that a backlight OEM panel longs for running.

Features to Watch for

Endicott Research Group (ERG) uses the latest technology and equipment which makes their panels, highly efficient. This makes their ICs as one most reliable and accomplished LED display power adapters available in the market at such low prices. The company has been successful in reducing the sizes of the driver, over the years and this time, they have reduced it to 12 mm in height. This form factor has framed the unit as one of the most convenient to use display ICs, suited even for the smallest LCD display units.

The voltage input bracket is wide enough to accoutre assorted voltage inputs from 10V to 16V. Both the sides of the driver is accompanied with substantial string current and considerable power output. The pair delivers 40 watts of total power output (20 watts on each side) with a maximum of 720 mA string current on each side. The phenomenal strung currents per side enables to power up at most 8 LED strings. Additionally, the string voltage adapts automatically with voltage fluctuations.

Ideal Devices for Application

The driver is perfect for the displays with dual light bars. The plug and play compatibility makes it a perfect driving source for LCD displays of every assorted sizes and the wider voltage input makes it congruent with maximum display adapters. Thanks to its short circuit and voltage fluctuation protection making the driver safer to use.

The voltage protection prevents the driver and display break down in the case of over voltage and under voltage supplies. There is an extra external and onboard pulse wave modulation provided with a wider voltage input of 0-6V.

The company has decided to design and manufacture the device in USA and it would be supported by almost every LCD panels and rails in the country. ERG is offering one year warranty on the LED driver as well.

ERG manufactures 8 different varieties of Smart Force™ LED Drivers which have their specific power input and output ranges. The drivers feature assorted onboard and external dimming facilities with flex connector and auto adjusting string voltage compatibility. The complete range of drivers are highly effective and efficient.

To learn more about ERG’s family of Smart Force LED drivers, visit and contact a WPG Americas Display expert at 1 (888) WPG-8881 or