Enrich Transportation and Travel Experiences with Samsung PID Displays

By Mike PecoraroJuly 26, 2017

Facility operators, shippers, and transportation hubs are continuously seeking to enrich the experience of their audiences with meaningful content that enhances engagement. To address these emerging trends, the transportation industry, worldwide, is embracing various technological innovations to improve their operating efficiency in providing real-time information, alerts, and updates to people on the move.

The industry, as a solution, is adopting state-of-the-art Public Information Displays (PID) to facilitate passengers with instantaneous delivery of engaging content in key transportation hubs like airports and terminals.

The Samsung Advantage: Cutting-edge Public Information Displays Specifically Design for the Transportation Industry

Samsung, a global leader in Public Information Displays, is the world's first company to launch 'integration-ready' display solutions that combine both hardware and software.

The Korean technology leader's digital signage solution, SMART Signage Platform (SSP), is a one-of-its-kind display solution that is specifically designed to address the needs and requirements of the transport industry.

SMART Signage, an ecosystem to implement cloud-based digital signage applications, incorporates database connection — DataLink solution — which heightens engagement through instant sharing of travel information, alerts, and updates.

Samsung's powerful Public Information Displays deliver real-time content feed through anti-reflective Magic Glass that ensures superb outdoor readability even under direct sunlight and other high ambient lighting environments. The non-glare display panel, featuring ultra-thin bezel and a high contrast ratio, reduces visual stress and distractions while improving content visibility.

The ultra-durable digital signage solutions incorporate a wide operating temperature range of -30 to 50 degrees along with top of the line features like high-level ingress defense. The industry-leading Public Information Displays, integrating Samsung's anti-panel darkening and Magic Glass technology, enhance outdoor visibility with an extremely low reflection ratio of 0.5%. The cutting-edge digital signage, with a heat resisting capacity of up to 110°C, ensure superb durability in ruggedized deployments. 

Samsung's customizable display solutions offer a broad line up of products that include an extensive range of LCD and LED signage varying from small displays to large video walls. The specialty display products, featuring Samsung's patented cooling system, deliver seamless graphic performance and superb playback of its Tizen SoC platform. The products are an all-in-one solution for every kind of transportation display systems.

Applications Areas of Samsung Public Information Displays

Samsung's Public Information Displays, expressly designed to enrich traveling experiences, facilitate a variety of services like infotainment, travel directions, as well as wayfinding applications across global cities and transportation hubs.

The easy to install display panels provide stunning visuals that are clearly readable even under direct sunlight. The leading-edge digital signage solutions are deployed in transportation hubs worldwide including -

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Bus stops and terminals
  • Metro rail stations
  • Subway systems
  • and in several other transportation hubs.

SMART Signage offers 24/7 operation in 'all-weather' conditions. The customizable outdoor display panels provide excellent visibility, reliability, and durability in rugged, industrial deployments.

In a nutshell, the high-brightness, high-contrast outdoor viewable displays from a wide array of Samsung's PID solutions enable businesses to strike a connection with prospects and customers on the go, helping them make the most out of the latest signage and display trends.

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