ENI100: Powerbox’s New Encapsulated Power Supply for Industrial Applications

By Rob GrayMay 21, 2017

Powerbox, an international power supply company producing premium quality power conversion systems for demanding applications in industrial, medical, transportation, and defense, unveiled the 100W encapsulated AC/DC power supply, ENI100, which is ready for industrial systems integration.

Powerbox's new encapsulated AC/DC power supply comes in a slim width of 31.7mm and a length of 140mm, which leverages the seamless integration of the device in space constrained applications with a small form factor.  

The industry-leading power supply, integrating Powerbox's proprietary ‘always on’ regulation and flyback topology, intelligently ‘self-controls’ the output performance to ensure uninterrupted operation and speedy recovery in case there is a fault in the temperature or load.

The ENI100, CB certificated according to EN60950-1, leverages an input voltage range from 90 to 264VAC while delivering a fixed output of 24V at 4A. The power supply device includes a safety voltage of 24VDC to the equipment and also incorporates an internal heatsink to optimize the cooling. The cutting-edge device requires a nominal input of 100 to 240VAC and can be operated with a slight derating between 90 and 264VAC. 

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply company optimizing power solutions for nearly four decades, has designed the ENI100 to comply with the demanding and compact requirements of industrial systems integrators in extreme environments like high electrical fields with the risk of arcing.  

The output of the device is sheltered with an ‘always on’ operation mode for protection against damages caused by over-current and short circuits. The innovative ‘always on’ technology regulates the output power while taking into account the unit’s internal temperature to maintain operation in a safe zone. This guarantees that the device will return to its full operation mode as soon as the output fault is eliminated.

“Industrial system integration often requires compact power supplies that are ready to use, with a footprint as small as possible,” says Martin Fredmark, Powerbox’s VP Product Management. “The ENI100 is mechanically designed to optimize space and to guarantee safe operation in high electrical field applications.”

The ENI100, with footprint dimensions of 142mm x 31.70mm (5.60 x 1.25 inches), and a height of 54mm (2.12 inches), includes oblong mounting holes for rapid installation in challenging industrial applications. The unit, designed to meet an ingress protection level of 54 (IP54), can be installed in rugged and humid atmospheres at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C, an input voltage of 230VAC, and  70 percent output load.

The RoHS II and REACHES compliant ENI100 exhibits an efficiency level of 90 percent at full load with a predicted lifetime of minimum 80,000 hours. The power supply has a 12VDC / 8A output version in the standard model with more output voltages available on request.

Powerbox ENI100 conforms to the related EMC standards and class B, the UL508 directives, and the safety standards of IEC 60950-1.

For more information on ENI100 and purchase queries, please contact the WPGA team or visit WPGA's Powerbox site.