ELI and NXP iMX7D Compatibility Video

By Mike PecoraroNovember 9, 2016

Plug and play options are great for many reasons; mainly, they make things easier since there is little work that needs to be done to get the equipment functioning. In this video from FDI Products, we’ll look at an out-of-the-box NXP iMX7 Sabre Board operating with ELI 7.0” and 12.1” High Bright Resistive Touch LCDs for SBCs.

Watch the product video

The ELI 12.1” Resistive Touch Screen LCD for SBCs is just coming to market. Features of these ELI Easy LCD Interfaces include:

  • Only 3 connectors needed: HDMI, USB and Power
  • For use with Single Board Computers (SBCs)
  • Quick time to market, distribution stock
  • 10-year channel life
  • Available in 4.3” – 15” display sizes

For more information about the ELI Easy LCD Interface Plug & Play Embedded Touch Screen LCDs, please Contact Us.