Displays and Embedded Products Are Keys To A Winning Hand for the Gaming Marketplace

By Mike PecoraroSeptember 28, 2015

The landscape of casino gaming has changed dramatically and continues to evolve at a frantic pace. Once slot machines were invented it gave hopeful individuals another option at striking it rich. Nowadays, slot machines have moved from being mechanical machines to electronic gaming terminals in every conceivable shape and size. In the US, the addition of computer technology to the concept of slot machines varied the games offered and beautified the way they are presented. Digital gaming machines are now the most popular gambling methods in local casinos. To facilitate the industry in achieving greater success, WPGA and embedded computing partners like Aaeon and SuperMicro present hardware solutions that help casino gaming designers and manufacturers to realize their dreams.

Gaming LCD & CPU Module Embedded Solutions 

Specifically designed for casino gaming, WPGA's solutions offer best in class display products in a multitude of shapes, sizes and resolutions to fit into your innovative designs and our CPU module solutions incorporate security, compatibility and flexibility demanded to maintain the steadfast running of any casinos gaming machines. BIOS are written with anti-cheat elements in mind to include the secure boot feature for preventing malicious software or hacking tools that may be purposefully planted from running during system boot. It is also fully customizable as required by the casino’s local gambling regulatory body.

Brilliant looking displays, high-definition graphics, advanced touch screen technologies along with standard and custom computing products are some of the main elements that characterize our offerings.  

Our solutions always taking into consideration the 24/7 operating environments of the gaming industry and, as such, these embedded solutions are green compliant having some of the lowest cost to operate ratios.

WPGA’s focus and commitment to service both pre- and post-design allow customers maximum flexibility, optimized costs and reduced time to market the gaming space demands.