Display Week 2017: A Recap

By Mike PecoraroJuly 19, 2017

The Society for Information Display's trade show, Display Week, is a yearly event for the information display companies. The premier exhibition is a unique platform for top-notch display manufacturers to showcase their game-changing innovations in display technology.

The global event is a grand stage where emerging technologies like flexible and e-paper displays, touch and interactivity, 3D, plastic electronics, and digital signage are brought to the forefront. Over the years, the show has displayed cutting-edge developments such as high definition TV, plasma display panel technology, and organic light emitting diode technology, to name a few. 

At the recently concluded Display Week 2017, in Los Angeles, California, Samsung and Tianma unveiled their latest innovations. Here's a sneak peek into what they brought to the table.  

Samsung Reveals the Industry's First Fully Stretchable OLED

Samsung isn't new to OLED displays, but this time at Display Week 2017, the Korean technology giant showcased the industry's first fully stretchable OLED display that lets users fold the display in or out according to their convenience.

Samsung's 9.1-inch OLED display, however, goes far beyond its foldable characteristics. The cutting-edge OLED display can be stretched by human hands, which when pressed back, returns to its original shape without compromising the image quality.

The fully stretchable display technology could benefit the smartphone makers in producing more durable displays, as the elasticity of the OLED display can absorb the shock and impact of drops and bumps.

Samsung, at the Display Week 2017, also showcased its stunning VR display, which flaunts a ultra-high resolution of 2,024 X 2,200 pixels. The new 3.5 inches VR display, featuring an unprecedented sharpness, promises the most immersive VR experience with a whopping refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Tianma NLT USA Introduces New Display Products and Prototype Technologies at Display Week 2017

Tianma America Inc. (formerly known as Tianma NLT USA) at this year's Display Week, demonstrated over 75 new LCD units including prototypes and newly launched products. The America's leading display company exhibited its new lightweight display module with a 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. The 15.0-inch diagonal display is ideal for industrial applications such as ATMs and POS.

Tianma NLT, in addition, also introduced four new outdoor viewable liquid crystal displays - an 8.0-inch diagonal WVGA, a 12.1-inch WXGA, a 15.0-inch XGA, and a 15.6-inch Full HD display - for industrial deployments that require superior viewing in outdoor or other high ambient light environments.

Tianma NLT Introduces Three New LCDs

5.5" FHD Flexible AMOLED Display - The high-performance flexible AMOLED, specifically developed for head-mount VR displays, greatly enhances the display performance by minimizing motion sickness and reducing the screen-door effect. The diagonal display module with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 has an unparalleled response time of less than 1ms. 

19.5" HxDP Floating 3D Display - The prototype 19.5-inch auto-stereoscopic LCD adopts NLT's proprietary glassless 3D display technology. The new prototype technology, featuring full HD resolution in 3D mode, delivers realistic three-dimensional imaging ideal for high-end medical or educational applications.

5.5" FHD Force Touch LTPS Panel - Tianma’s third entry in SID's annual Best in Show competition is the super-slim 5.5" FHD Force Touch LTPS - the world's first piezoresistive in-cell force sensing display panel. The fully integrated touch panel and piezoresistive force sensor enable the detection of touch position and force simultaneously.

As the viewing preferences continue to change and new device technologies keep emerging, these new products will have an active impact on new capabilities of display technologies in 2017 and beyond.